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William Faulkner was born in Mississippi on 25 September 1897 part of a traditional southern family. He dropped out of college to try his hand at poetry, strangely later joining the RAF after claiming to be English. His literary career stuttered and started but found success eventually producing what are regarded as 6 masterpieces in only 6 years, an incredible feat. His standing and importance to American literature cannot be overstated and goes well beyond the confines of this page not to mention the abilities of the person writing this. William Cuthbert Falkner stands alongside Hemingway as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century.
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UK Novels

Title Publisher Date Notes
Soldiers Pay Chatto 1932  
Mosquitoes Chatto 1964  
Sartoris Chatto 1932  
Sound and the Fury Chatto 1931  
As I Lay Dying Chatto 1935  
Sanctuary Chatto 1931  
Light in August Chatto 1933  
Pylon Chatto 1935  
Absalom Absalom Chatto 1937  
The Wild Palms Chatto 1939  
The Hamlet Chatto 1940  
Intruder in the Dust Chatto 1949  
Requiem for a Nun Chatto 1953  
A Fable Chatto 1954  
The Town Chatto 1958  
The Mansion Chatto 1961  
The Reivers Chatto 1962  

US Novels

Title Publisher Date Notes
Soldiers Pay Liveright 1926  
Mosquitoes Liveright 1927  
Sartoris Harcourt 1929  
Sound and the Fury Cape & Smith 1929  
As I Lay Dying Cape & Smith 1930  
Sanctuary Cape and Smith 1931  
Idyll in the Desert Cape and Smith 1931 400 copies sgn ltd
Light in August Smith Haas 1932  
Miss Zilphia Gant Random House 1932 300 copies sgn ltd
Pylon Cape Smith 1935 signed limited also available
Absalom Absalom Random House 1936 signed limited also available
The Wild Palms Random House 1939 signed limited also available
The Hamlet Random House 1940 signed limited also available
Intruder in the Dust Random House 1948  
Notes on a Horsethief Levee Press 1951  
Requiem for a Nun Random House 1951  
A Fable Random House 1954  
The Town Random House 1957  
The Mansion Random House 1959  
The Reivers Random House 1962  

Short Stories

Title Publisher Date Notes
These Thirteen Cape Smith 1931 US, signed limited also available
Salmagundi Casanova 1932 US, signed limited also available
Doctor Martino Smith Haas 1934 US, signed limited also available
Doctor Martino Chatto 1934 UK
The Unvanquished Random House 1938 US, signed limited also available
The Unvanquished Chatto 1938 UK
Go Down Moses Random House 1942 US
Go Down Moses Chatto 1942 UK
Three Famous Short Novels Random House 1942 US
Knight's Gambit Random House 1949 US
Knight's Gambit Chatto 1951 UK
Collected Stories Random House 1950 US
Collected Stories Chatto 1951 UK
Big Woods Random House 1955 US
Uncle Willy Chatto 1958 UK
New Orleans Sketches Rutgers 1958 US
Ditto Sidgwick 1958 UK
Selected Short Stories Modern Library 1961 US
Bear Man and God Random House 1964 US
The Tall Men Kyoto 1965  
A Rose for Emily Merrill 1970 US
Fairchild's Story Warren 1979 US
Uncollected Stories Random House 1979 US


Title Publisher Date Notes
Vision in Spring Private 1921 US
The Marble Faun Four Seas 1924 US
This Earth Equinox 1932 US, 1,000 copies, pamphlet
A Green Bough Cape Smith 1933 US, sgn ltd also printed
Mississippi Poems Yoknapatawpha 1979 US
Helen A Courtship Yoknapatawpha 1981 US

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