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Victor Canning, born 11.1.1911 to 1986, his first book was published while he was still working as a poorly paid clerk. It was an immediate success, especially so in America, it earned him some 30,000, a huge sum at the time. As well as being popular with readers he is also very much collected. The early first editions in original dust jackets are rare books and consequently quite valuable. Later titles are easier to find but by now means common if fine collectable condition. Of the later works his Arthurian series of novels are worthy of special mention, a full set in fine condition is now quite sought after. He was a quite and reclusive man so consequently signed copies are quite rare and do fetch a healthy premium. There are several alternative titles for American publications and these have been duly noted in the bibliography-checklist.
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Title   Date Notes
Mr Finchley Discovers His England Hodder 1934 US: as Mr Finchley's Holiday
Polycarp's Progress Ditto 1935  
Fly Away Paul Ditto 1936  
Everyman's England Ditto 1936 non-fiction
Matthew Silverman Ditto 1937  
Mr Finchley Goes to Paris Ditto 1938  
Fountain Inn Ditto 1939  
Mr Finchley Takes the Road Ditto 1940  
Green Battlefield Hodder 1943  
The Chasm Ditto 1947  
Panther's Moon Ditto 1948  
The Golden Salamander Ditto 1949  
A Forest of Eyes Stoughton 1950  
Venetian Bird Ditto 1951 US: as Bird of Prey
The House of the Seven Flies Ditto 1952  
The Man from the Turkish Slave Ditto 1954  
Castle Minerva Hodder 1955 US: as A Handful of Silver
His Bones are Coral Ditto 1955 US: as Twist of the Knife
The Hidden Face Ditto 1956 US: as Burden of Proof
The Manasco Road Ditto 1957  
The Dragon Tree Ditto 1958 US: The Captives of Mora Island
The Burning Eye Ditto 1960  
A Delivery of Furies Ditto 1961  
Black Flamingo Hodder 1962  
The Limbo Line Heinemann 1963  
The Scorpio Letters Ditto 1964  
The Whip Hand Ditto 1965  
Doubled in Diamonds Ditto 1966  
The Python Project Ditto 1967  
The Melting Man Ditto 1968  
Queen's Pawn Heinemann 1969  
The Great Affair Ditto 1969  
Firecrest Ditto 1971  
The Rainbird Pattern Ditto 1972 US: as Family Plot
The Runaways Ditto 1972  
The Flight of the Grey Goose Ditto 1973  
The Fingers of Saturn Ditto 1973  
The Painted Tent Ditto 1974  
The Mask of Memory Heinemann 1974  
The Kingsford Mark Ditto 1975  
The Crimson Chalice Ditto 1976 Arthurian trilogy
The Doomsday Carrier Ditto 1976  
The Circle of the Gods Ditto 1977 Penultimate Arthur book
The Immortal Wound Ditto 1978 Final in King Arthur series
Birdcage Ditto 1978  
The Satan Sampler Ditto 1979  
Fall from Grace Ditto 1980  
The Boy on Platform One Ditto 1981 US: as Memory Boy
Vanishing Point Ditto 1982  
Raven's Wind Ditto 1983  
Birds of a Feather Heinemann 1985  

Victor Canning as Alan Gould

Title   Date Notes
Two Men Fought Collins 1936  
Mercy Lane Collins 1937  
Sanctuary from the Dragon Collins 1938  
Every Creature of God is Good Hodder 1939  
The Viaduct Hodder 1939  
Atlantic Company H&S 1940  

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