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Terry Pratchett, born 1948, is not only incredibly prolific but also Britain's best-selling, living, author. He was first in print at the age of fifteen with a short story published in Science Fantasy, since then he would appear to never to have left his writing desk. To his credit, the huge output has not affected the quality. His work falls firmly into the love it or hate it category and for those who love it he is unrivalled.

His work has, not unsurprisingly, attracted the attention of collectors.  The Colour of Magic being by far the most valuable, a solid five figure sum at the time of writing. It is also genuinely rare, with only 500 copies, collectors should note the the jacket is un-priced but had a publishers sticker for 7.95. Beware of later issue jackets with reviews to flaps. As the series increased in popularity so did the print runs. Later titles are not difficult to locate so collectors should only really consider fine copies in fine jackets. Terry Pratchett is also something of a signer, so once again serious collectors may want to buy only signed copies of the easier books. Whilst it is dangerous to speculate on the future value of an authors work, Pratchett has to be regarded as something of a safe bet, his popularity certainly shows no sign of slowing and as a new generation of collectors begin to emerge there is likely to be even greater demand for his 1st editions.

There have also been a lot of spin-off material generated. We have included some of the more pertinent items but there are also plays, diaries and various ephemeral items. ( Pratchet )
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The Discworld Series

Title   Date Notes
The Colour of Magic Smythe 1983 506 copies
The Light Fantastic Smythe 1986 1,034 copies
Equal Rites Gollancz 1987 2,850 copies
Mort Gollancz 1987 4,000
Sourcery Gollancz 1988 7,200
Wyrd Sisters Gollancz 1988  
Pyramids Gollancz 1988 12,000+
Guards Guards Gollancz 1989  
Eric Gollancz 1990  
Moving Pictures Gollancz 1990  
Reaper Man Gollancz 1991  
Witches Abroad Gollancz 1991  
Small Gods Gollancz 1992  
Lords and Ladies Gollancz 1992  
Men at Arms Gollancz 1993  
Soul Music Gollancz 1994  
Interesting Times Gollancz 1994  
Maskerade Gollancz 1995  
Feet of Clay Gollancz 1996  
Hogfather Gollancz 1996  
Jingo Gollancz 1997 100,000+ copies
The Last Continent Doubleday 1998  
Carpe Jugulum Doubleday 1998  
The Fifth Elephant Doubleday 1999  
The Truth Doubleday 2000  
Thief of Time Doubleday 2001  
The Last hero Gollancz 2001 De Luxe edition also
Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Doubleday 2001 Children's title
Night Watch Doubleday 2002  
Monstrous Regiment Doubleday 2003  
The Wee Free men Doubleday 2003 Children's book
Going Postal Doubleday 2004  
A Hat Full of Sky Doubleday 2004 Juvenile title
Thud Doubleday 2005 De Luxe edition also

The Johnny Maxwell Series

Title   Date Notes
Only You Can Save Mankind Doubleday 1992  
Johnny and the Dead Doubleday 1993  
Johnny and the Bomb Doubleday 1996  

The Bromeliad Series

Title   Date Notes
Truckers Doubleday 1989  
Diggers Doubleday 1990  
Wings Doubleday 1990  

Miscellaneous Titles

Title   Date Notes
The Carpet People Smythe 1971  
The Dark Side of the Sun Smythe 1976  
Strata Smythe 1981  
The Unadulterated Cat Gollancz 1989 Softcover, illustrated by Gary Jolliffe
Good Omens Gollancz 1990 with Neil Gaiman
Once More NESFA 2004  

Graphic Novels

Title   Date Notes
The Colour of Magic Corgi 1992 Illus, Steven Ross
Truckers Corgi 1992 Brian Trueman
The light Fantastic Corgi 1993 illus, Steve Rockwell
Mort The Big Comic Gollancz 1994 illus, Graham Higgins hardcover + wraps
Guards! Guards! Gollancz 2000 illus, Graham Higgins hardcover + wraps
Where's My Cow Doubleday 2005  


Title   Date Notes
The Streets of Ankh-Morpok Corgi 1993 Stephen Briggs
The Discworld Mapp Corgi 1995 Ditto
A Tourist Guide to Lancre Corgi 1998 Ditto + Paul Kidby
Death's Domain Corgi 1999 Paul Kidby

Reference Works

Title   Date Notes
The Discworld Companion Gollancz 1994 Stephen Briggs
The Pratchett Portfolio   1996 Wrappers
Nanny Ogg's Cookbook Doubleday 1999  
The Science of Discworld Ebury 1999 Ian Stewart + Jack Cohen
The Josh Kirby Discworld Portfolio Tiger 2001 Wraps
The Science of Discworld II Ebury 2002 Ian Stewart + Jack Cohen
The Art of .. Gollancz 2004 Paul Kidby
The Yaer of the Prawn Gollancz 2004 Bernard Pearson
Darwin's Watch Ebury 2005 Ian Stewart + Jack Cohen

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