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Tennessee Williams, born 1911 to 1983, is one of America's best known playwrights and produced some very successful plays, many of which were turned into equally successful films. The early titles and the 'obvious' titles are the most valuable and sought after. American first editions precede the English and are of greater value. All of the books listed in this bibliography are of collectable interest and value.
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Title   Date Notes
Battle of Angels Pharos 1945 wraps
The Glass Menagerie Random House 1945 UK: 1948 Lehmann
You Touched Me! French 1947  
A Streetcar Named Desire New Directions 1947 UK: 1949 Lehmann
American Blues DPS 1948 Wrappers
Summer and Smoke New Directions 1948 UK: 1952 Lehmann
The Rose Tattoo Ditto 1951 1st issue rose cloth. 2nd tan. UK: 1954 Secker
I Rise in Flame, Cried the Phoenix Ditto 1951 Signed limited
Camino Real Ditto 1953 UK: 1958 Secker
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Ditto 1955 UK: 1956 Secker
Suddenly Last Summer Ditto 1958  
A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot DPS 1958 Undated, softcover
Orpheus Descending-Battle of Angels New Directions 1958  
Orpheus Descending Ditto 1959 UK: 1958 Secker
Garden District Warburg 1959  
Sweet Bird of Youth New Directions 1959 UK: 1961 Secker
Period of Adjustment Ditto 1960 As Above
The Night of the Iguana Ditto 1961 UK: 1963 Secker
The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore Ditto 1964 UK: 1964 ditto
The Mutilated DPS 1967 Softcover
The Gnadiges Fraulein Ditto 1967 As above
Kingdom of Earth New Directions 1968  
The Two-Character Play Ditto 1969  
In The Bar of a Tokyo Hotel DPS 1969 PBO
Small Craft Warnings New Directions 1972  
Vieux Cane Ditto 1979  
A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur Ditto 1980  
Steps Must Be Gentle Targ 1980 Signed limited
Clothes for a Summer Hotel DPS 1981 PBO
It Happened the Day the Sun Rose Orphanos 1981 Sgn ltd
The Remarkable Rooming-House of Mme Le Monde Albondocani 1984 Ditto
The Red Devil Battery Sign New Directions 1988  
Not About Nightingales Methuen 1988 UK pbo

Novels & Short Stories
Title   Date Notes
One Arm and Other Stories New Directions 1948 Sgn ltd also
The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone New Directions 1950 UK: 1950 Lehmann
Hard Candy Ditto 1954  
Man Brings This Up Road Street 1959  
Three Players of a Summer Game Secker 1960  
Grand House 1964 Ltd edition
The Knightly Quest New Directions 1967  
Eight Mortal Ladies Possessed Ditto 1974 UK: 1975 Warburg
Moise and the World of Reason Schuster 1975 Sgn ltd also, and above
Collected Stories New Directions 1985  

Title   Date Notes
Lord Byron's Love Letter Ricordi 1955 Not dated
Baby Doll New Directions 1956 UK: 1957 Secker
In The Winter of Cities Ditto 1956 Sgn ltd also
The Fugitive Kind Signet 1960 PBO
Memoirs Doubleday 1975 UK: 1976 WH Allen
Tennessee Williams Letters to Donald Windham Verona 1976 US: Holt 1977
Where I Live New Directions 1976  
Androgyne, Mon Amour New Directions 1977  
Stopped Rocking New Directions 1984  
Conversations with Tennessee Williams UPM 1986  
Five O'Clock Angel Knopf 1990  
The Selected Letters of New Directions 2000  

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