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TE Lawrence was born inn 1888 and passed away in 1935. Popularly known as Lawrence of Arabia, he is best known for The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, undeniably a classic piece of work. He remains not only one of our most colourful characters but also somewhat controversial. Opinion seems somewhat divided, Winston Churchill described him as 'one of the greatest beings alive in our time' whilst described him as 'a disgusting little thing'. There is plenty of scope elsewhere to delve into his life, we shall contain ourselves to his collectable books. All the books listed in this bibliography are very collectable, some attracting large premiums. Seven Pillars is not uncommon so serious collectors should seek the finest copy possible.
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The Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Edition   Date Notes
Oxford Edition   1922 8 copies
First Proof   1924  
Second Proof   1925 100 copies
Cranwell Subscribers   1926 169 copies
First American Edition Doran 1926 22 copies, copyright
Cape Edition   1935 750 copies with slipcase
Cape   1935 Standard trade edition
Cape Private Issue   1935 60 copies
First US Trade Doran 1935  
Ditto Slipcased Doran 1935 750 copies

Revolt in the Desert
Edition   Date Notes
UK Trade Cape 1927  
UK Large Paper Cape 1927 315 copies
US Trade Doran 1927  
US Large Paper Doran 1927 250 copies, slipcase

The Mint
Edition   Date Notes
US Copyright Doran 1936 as 352087 AC Ross, 50 copies
First UK Limited Cape 1955 2,000 copies, slipcase, no dw
First UK Trade Cape 1955  
US Limited Doran 1955 1,000 copies, slipcase
US Trade Doran 1957  

Crusader Castles
Edition   Date Notes
UK Limited Golden Cockerel 1936 2 volumes, no dw or slipcase
The Thesis Golden Cockerel 1936 75 copies
The Letters Golden Cockerel 1936 35 copies
First US Doran 1937  

The Diary of TE Lawrence MCMXI
Edition   Date Notes
UK Limited Corvinus 1937 30 copies on Canute paper
Ditto Corvinus 1937 40 copies on Medway paper
Ditto Corvinus 1937 130 copies, parchment style stock
US Copyright Doran 1937 50 copies

An Essay on Flecker
Edition   Date Notes
UK First Corvinus 1937 26 copies, slipcase
UK Limited Corvinus 1937 4 copies, vellum
Ditto Ditto 1937 2 copies, leather
US Copyright Doran 1937 56 copies, wraps

Edition   Date Notes
Two Arabic Folk Tales Corvinus 1937 31 copies
Secret Dispatches from Arabia Cockerel 1939 Copies 1-30 bound in leather with supplement, rest quarter bound and no supplement
Men in Print Cockerel 1940 Copies 1-30 full leather with supplement, rest without
The Essential TE Lawrence Cape 1951 US Dutton 1951
Evolution of a Revolt PSUP 1968 US only

Edition   Date Notes
Letters from TE Shaw to Bruce Rogers Private 1933 200 copies, no dw
More Letters from TE Shaw to Bruce Rogers Private 1936 300 copies, no dw
A Letter from TE Lawrence to His Mother Corvinus 1936 30 copies
Letter from TE Shaw to Viscount Carlow Corvinus 1936 17 copies
The Letters of ... Cape 1938 US Doran 1938
TE Lawrence to His Biographers Faber 1938 2 volumes 500 copies, signed, slipcase
Ditto US Doran 1938 Ditto
Eight Letters from TEL Private 1939 50 copies
Shaw-Ede Letters to HS Ede Cockerel 1942 1-130 full morocco with 5 facsimile letters
The Home Letters of .. Blackwell 1954 US Macmillan 1954
From a Letter of TEL Bodoni 1959 75 copies
TEL Five Hitherto Unpublished Letters Private 1975 30 copies
Fifty Letters HRC 1962 US, wraps
Letters to ET Leeds Whittington 1988 650 copies, slipcase

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