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Spike Milligan, born 1918 to 2002, was a legendary comic genius. His main series dealing with his memoirs is an absolute classic. Having read them all several times we can vouch for them as the funniest, yet strangely moving, set of books we have ever read. The books are collectable though his popularity has ensured large print runs so consequently most are relatively easy to find and very reasonably priced. His signature carries a considerable premium, especially when compared to other authors of the period. The memoirs series are the most popular, with both readers and collectors. The other early books are sought after but later titles have little collectable value, though tremendous worth in terms of readability.
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Title   Date Notes
Adolf Hitler My Part in His Downfall Michael Joseph 1971  
Rommel Gunner Who ? Michael Joseph 1974  
Monty My Part in His Victory Michael Joseph 1976  
Mussolini His Part in my Downfall Michael Joseph 1978  
Where Have All the Bullets Gone ? Michael Joseph 1985  
Goodbye Soldier Michael Joseph 1986  
Peacework Michael Joseph 1991  


Title   Date Notes
Silly Verse for Kids Dobson 1959  
A Dustbin Full of Milligan Ditto 1961  
The Little Pot Boiler Ditto 1963  
Puckoon Blond 1963  
A Book of Bits Ditto 1965  
A Book of Milliganimals Dobson 1968  
The Bald Twit Lion Ditto 1968  
Values Poems Offcut Press 1969  
The Bedside Milligan Hobbs 1969  
The Bed Sitting Room Ditto 1970 with John Antrobus
Milligan's Ark Hobbs 1971  
Small dreams of a Scorpion Ditto 1972  
Bad Jelly the Witch Hobbs 1973  
Dip the Puppy Ditto 1974  
Transports of Delight Sidgwick 1974  
The Great McGonagall Scrapbook Hobbs 1975  
The Book of Records Ditto 1975  
William McGonagall the Truth at Last Ditto 1976  
Goblins Hutchinson 1978  
Open Heart University Hobbs 1979  
Get in the Q Joseph 1980  
Indefinite Articles and Scunthorpe Ditto 1981  
Unspun Socks from a Chicken's Laundry Ditto 1981  
Sir Nobonk Hobbs 1982  
Further Transports of Delight Jackson 1985  
Flawed Masterpieces Macmillan 1985  
The Looney Joseph 1987  
The Mirror Running Ditto 1987  
McGonagall Meets George Gershwin Ditto 1988  
Scunthorpe Revisited Ditto 1989  
And it Ends with Magic Ditto 1990  
The Bible the Old Testament Michael Joseph 1993  
Hidden Words Ditto 1993  
Wuthering Heights Ditto 1994  
Depression and How to Survive it Arrow 1994 Paperback original
Fleas Knees and Hidden Elephants Boxtree 1994  
Lady Chatterley's Lover Ditto 1995  
John Thomas and Lady Jane Ditto 1995  
Black Beauty Virgin 1996  
Frankenstein Ditto 1997  
The Hound of the Baskervilles Ditto 1998 No DJ. Signed limited also
Robin Hood Ditto 1998  
Passion in Exile Mainstream 1998  
A Fine Kind of Madness Headline 1999  
Treasure Island Virgin 2000  
The Murphy Ditto 2000  

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