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Shirley Hughes, born 16 July 1927, is a popular children's author and illustrator. her books are popular with both readers and collectors. The true first editions do fetch collectors prices, the early ones more so. At the time of writing the early titles whilst not exactly cheap are still within the reach of a committed collector with a half decent budget. Later titles are relatively easy and cheap to acquire. With these fine copies are really the order of the day. Signed copies are not unheard of and do not tent to attract huge premiums. there are also a large number of books she illustrated for others, we hope to add these in the future.
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Lucy and Tom

Title   Date Notes
Lucy and Tom's Day Gollancz 1960 Boards
L&T Go to School As Above 1973 Ditto
L&T at the Seaside As Above 1976 Ditto
L&T's Christmas Gollancz 1981 Ditto
L&T's ABC As Above 1984 Ditto
L&T's 123 As Above 1987 Ditto
L&T's World Gollancz 1993 Ditto

Alfie Series

Title   Date Notes
Alfie Gets in First Bodley Head 1981  
A's feet As Above 1982  
A Gives a Hand As Above 1983  
An Evening at A's As Above 1984  
The Big A and Annie Rose Storybook Walker 1988  
A's Alphabet Bodley Head 1988  
The Big A' Out of Doors Walker 1989  
The A Collection Bodley 1992  
The A Treasury As Above 1994  
A and the Birthday Surprise As Above 1997  


Title   Date Notes
The Trouble with Jack Bodley Head 1970  
Sally's Secret As Above 1973  
Helpers As Above 1975  
Being Together Walker 1977  
Dogger Bodley 1977  
It's Too Frightening for Me Hodder 1977  
Moving Molly Bodley Head 1978  
Up and Up Ditto 1979  
Over the Moon Faber 1980  
Here Come Charlie Moon Bodley Head 1980  
Charlie Moon and the Big Bonanza Bust Up As Above 1982  
Noisy Walker 1985  
When We Went to the Park Ditto 1985  
Bathwater's Hot Ditto 1985  
Chips and Jessie Bodley Head 1985  
Another Helping of Chips As Above 1986  
Two Shoes New Shoes Walker 1986  
Colours Ditto 1986  
All Shapes and Sizes Ditto 1986  
Out and About Ditto 1988  
The Big Concrete Lorry Ditto 1989  
Angel Mae Ditto 1989  
Motyn CLC 1990  
The Snow Lady Walker 1990  
Wheels Ditto 1991  
llyr Mawr Straeon CLC 1992  
Bouncing Walker 1993  
Giving Ditto 1993  
Stories By Firelight Lothrop 1993  
Straeon Yng CLC 1993  
Chatting Walker 1994  
Hiding Ditto 1994  
Rhymes for Annie Ross Bodley 1995  
Enchantment in the Garden Ditto 1996  
Tales of Trotter Street Walker 1996  
The Nursery Collection Ditto 1997  
The Lion and the Unicorn Cape 1998  

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