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Rumer Godden was born on 10th December 1907 in Sussex but moved to India  with her family as a baby. She seemed to drift a little during her teens. She married in 1934 and had her first novel published in 1936. During the war her husband abandoned her and their 2 daughters in India. She finally made it back to England in poor health and virtually destitute. Salvation was at hand though, in her suitcase was the manuscript for her best known novel The River. It was adapted for film by Jean Renoir, several other books also made the silver screen. In 1993 she was awarded the OBE.
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Title Publisher Date Notes
Chinese Puzzle Peter Davies 1936  
Lady and the Unicorn Peter Davies 1937  
Black Narcissus Peter Davies 1939  
Gypsy Gypsy Peter Davies 1940  
Breakfast with Nikoldies Peter Davies 1942  
A Fugue in Time Michael Joseph 1945  
The River Michael Joseph 1946  
A Candle for St Jude Michael Joseph 1948  
In Noah's Ark Michael Joseph 1949 Poetry
A breath of Air Michael Joseph 1950  
Kingfishers Catch Fire Macmillan 1953  
An Episode of Sparrows Macmillan 1956  
Mooltiki Macmillan 1957  
The Greengage Summer Macmillan 1958  
China Court Macmillan 1961  
Battle of the Villa Fiorita Macmillan 1963  
Swans and Turtles Macmillan 1968  
In this house of Bede Macmillan 1969  
The Peacock Spring Macmillan 1975  
Five for Sorrow Macmillan 1979  
The Dark Horse Macmillan 1981  
Indian Dust Macmillan 1989  
Coromandel Sea Change Macmillan 1991  
Pippa Passes Macmillan 1994  
Cromarte v The God Shiva Macmillan 1997  

Non Fiction
Title Publisher Date Notes
Rungli Rungliot Davies 1943  
Bengal Journey Longmans 1845  
Hans Christian Anderson Hutchinson 1955  
Two Under the Indian Sun Macmillan 1966  
Mrs Manders Cookbook Macmillan 1968  
The Tale of the Tales Warne 1971  
Shiva's Pigeons Chatto 1972  
The Butterfly Lions Viking 1977  
Gulbadan Macmillan 1980  
A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep Macmillan 1987  
A House with Four Rooms Macmillan 1989  

Childrens Books
Title Publisher Date Notes
The Dolls House Joseph 1947  
The Mousewife Macmillan 1951  
Impunity Jane Macmillan 1955  
The Fairy Doll Macmillan 1956  
Mouse House Macmillan 1958  
The Story of Holly and Ivy Macmillan 1958  
Candy Floss Macmillan 1960  
St Jerome and the Lion Macmillan 1961  
Miss Happiness and Miss Flower Macmillan 1961  
Little Plum Macmillan 1963  
Home is the Sailor Macmillan 1964  
The Kitchen Madonna Macmillan 1967  
Operation Sippacik Macmillan 1969  
The Diddakoi Macmillan 1972  
The Old Woman who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle Macmillan 1972  
Mr McFadden's Hallow'een Macmillan 1975  
The Rocking Horse Secret Macmillan 1977  
A Kindle of Kittens Macmillan 1978  
The Dragon of Og Macmillan 1981  
Thursday Children Macmillan 1984  
The Valiant Chatti Maker Macmillan 1986  
Fu Dog Macrae 1989  
Great Grand Father's House Macmillan 1993  
Listen to the Nightingale Macmillan 1993  
Premalta Macmillan 1993  

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