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Robert Louis Stevenson,  born 1850 and died 1894, is one of the best known authors in English literature having written some truly classic titles which remain as fresh today as when they were first published. As can be seen, the bibliography is somewhat complex. Priority switches between America and England with some books not seeing dual release. There are also several important issue points for collectors to bear in mind. We have included these and there is all the information here to identify a first edition from a reprint. Generally speaking, UK editions are more desirable than their American counterparts, consequently more valuable. Whilst his classic titles are rare, and costly, they are unknown or out of reach for the serious and committed collector with a reasonable budget.
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Title   Date Notes
New Arabian Nights Chatto 1882 Two volumes
Ditto US Holt 1882  

Treasure Island

UK - Cassell 1883
1st issue has 'Dead Man's Chest' not capitalized on pages 2 and 7
'rain' for 'vain' last line page 40
US - Robert Bros - 1884

Title   Date Notes
Prince Otto Chatto 1885  
Ditto US Scribner's 1902  
The Dynamiter Longmans 1885 Hardcover and wraps.
US: 1885 Holt

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

US - Scribner's - 1886
1st issue in softcover wraps
2nd in boards
UK - 1886 - Longmans Green & Co
In wraps, true first has hand-corrected date on front cover
Second is hardback issued same year


UK - Cassell 1886
1st issue has 'business' line 11 on page 40
2nd has 'pleasure' line 11 page 40
Both have a fold-out map as a frontispiece
US - Scribner's - 1886
Folding map for frontis and 8 pages of adverts
2nd issue in wraps with no ads

Title   Date Notes
The Merry Men Chatto 1887 US: 1887 Scribner's
The Black Arrow Scribner's 1888 1st in wraps, 2nd boards
UK: 1888 Cassell, issue as above
The Master of Ballantrae Cassell 1889 US: 1889 Scribners. 1st boards 2nd wraps
The Wrong Box Longmans 1889 US: 1889 Scribner's
The Wrecker Cassell 1892 US: 1892 Scribner's
Three Plays Nutt 1892 2 limited editions also
Catriona Cassell 1893  
Island Night's Entertainment Scribner's 1893 UK: 1893 Cassell
The Ebb-Tide Kimball 1894 UK: 1894 Heinemann
Valima Letters Methuen 1895  
Weir of Hermiston Chatto 1896 US: 1896 Scribner's
St Ives Scribner's 1897 UK: 1898 Heinemann

R.L. Stevenson - Verse

Title   Date Notes
A Child's Garden of Verses Longmans 1885 US: 1885 Scribner's
Underwoods Windus 1887 US: 1887 Scribner's
Ballads Scribner's 1890 UK: 1890 Chatto
Songs of Travel Chatto 1896  
Verses by R.L.S Private 1912 De Vinne Press 100 copies

Robert Louis Stevenson - Non-Fiction

Title   Date Notes
The Pentland Rising Elliot 1866 anonymous, wrappers
The Charity Bazaar Private 1868 wraps, some signed
An Inland Voyage Kegan 1878 US: 1883 Robert Bros
Edinburgh Picturesque Notes Seeley 1879  
Travels With a Donkey in the Cevennes Keegan 1879 US: 1879 Robert
Virginibus Puerisque Paul 1881 US: 1887 Scribner's
The Graver and the Pen Osbourne 1882 wraps
Familiar Studies of Men and Books Chatto 1882 also 100 large paper copies
The Silverado Squatters Windus 1883 1st edition has 'his' missing from penultimate line on page 140
Memories and Portraits Chatto 1887 US: 1887 Scribner's
Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin Scribner's 1887 UK: 1912 Longmans Green
Father Damien An Open Letter Private 1890 1st Australia, wraps. 2nd Edinburgh, unbound sheets. 3rd Chatto, wraps
In the South Seas Cassell 1890 2nd Edinburgh. Then Scribner's. Then 1900 Chatto
Across the Plains Chatto 1892 also 100 large paper.
A Footnote to History Cassell 1892 US: 1892 Scribner's
The amateur Emigrant Stone 1895 no UK
Essays of Travel Chatto 1905 US: 1905 Scribner's
Essays in the art of Writing Chatto 1905 US: 1905 Scribner's
Lay Morals and Other Papers Chatto 1911 US: 1915 Scribner's
Records of a Family of Engineers Chatto 1912  

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