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Robert A Heinlein, born 1907 to 1988, was a very influential and ground-breaking science fiction writer. Small wonder then that his work is keenly sought by collectors. Early first editions now attract quite high prices. Later books are relatively easy to source and therefore very reasonably priced. The American editions precede the British books,  except where stated. There are also some signed limited American editions.
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Title   Date Notes
The Discovery of the Future Novacious Press 1941 1st has Limited First Edition 200 on front wrappper
Beyond This Horizon Fantasy Press 1948  
Sixth Column Gnome 1949  
The Puppet Masters Doubleday 1951 UK: 1953 Museum
Universe Dell 1951 Wraps
Double Star Doubleday 1956 UK: 1958 Joseph
The Door into Summer Ditto 1957 UK: 1960 Panther, wraps
Methuselah's Children Gnome 1958 UK: 1963 Gollancz
Stranger in a Strange Land Putnam 1961 1st issue has C22 on p408. UK: 1965 NEL
Orphans of the Sky Gollancz 1963 US: 1964 Putnam
Glory Road Putnam 1963 UK: 1965 NEL
Farnham's Freehold Ditto 1964 UK: 1965 Dobson
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Ditto 1966 UK: 1967 Dobson
I Will Fear No Evil Ditto 1970 UK: 1971 NEL
Time Enough For Love Putnam 1973 UK: 1974 NEL
Destination Moon Gregg 1979  
The Number of the Beast NEL 1980 US: 1980 Fawcett
Friday Holt 1982 UK: 1982 NEL
Job Ballantine 1984 UK: 1984 NEL
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls Putnam 1985 1st line missing on p.300. UK: 1986 NEL
To Sail Beyond the Sunset Ace 1987 UK: 1987 Joseph

Short Stories

Title   Date Notes
The Man Who Sold the Moon Shasta 1950 UK: 1953 Sidgwick
Waldo and Magic Inc Doubleday 1950  
The Green Hills of Earth Shasta 1951 UK: 1954 Sidgwick
Assignment in Eternity Fantasy 1953 UK: 1955 Museum
Revolt in 2010 Shasta 1953 UK: 1964Gollancz
The Menace from Earth Gnome 1959 UK: 1966 Dobson
The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag Gnome 1959 UK: 1964 Dobson
The Worlds of Robert Heinlein Ace 1966 UK: 1970 NE. Both wraps
The Past Through Tomorrow Putnam 1967 UK: 1977 NEL 2 vols
The Notebooks of Lazarus Long Putnam 1978 Wrappers
Expanded Universe Grosset 1980  
Grumbles from the Grave Ballantine 1989  
Requiem Tor 1992  
The Fantasies of Tor 1992  

Juvenile Titles

Title   Date Notes
Rocket Ship Galileo Scribner's 1947 1st dw priced $2.00. UK: 1971 NEL
Space Cadet Ditto 1948 UK: 1966 Gollancz
Red Planet Ditto 1949 UK: 1963 Gollancz
Farmer in the Shy Scribner's 1950 UK: 1962 Gollancz
Between Planets Ditto 1951 UK: 1968 Gollancz
The Rolling Stones Ditto 1952 UK: 1969 Gollancz as Space Family Jones
Starman Jones Ditto 1953 UK: 1954 Jackson
The Star Beast Ditto 1954 UK: 1971 NEL
Tunnel in the Sky Scribner's 1955 UK: 1965 Gollancz
Time for the Stars Ditto 1956 UK: 1963 Gollancz
Citizen of the Galaxy Ditto 1957 UK: 1969 Gollancz
Have Space Suit Will Travel Scribner's 1958 UK: 1970 Gollancz
Starship Troopers Putnam 1959 UK: 1961 NEL, wraps
Podkayne of Mars Putnam 1963 UK: 1969 NEL

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