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Roald Dahl, born 1916 and died 1990 is still one of the world's most popular children's author, indeed in a poll to mark the 2000 World Book Day he was voted Britain's most popular author. His popularity has been enhanced by the hugely successful Willy Wonka film, and subsequently the remake by Tim Burton featuring Johnny Depp. The television series, Tales of the Unexpected, was a huge hit on both sides of the AtlanticThere is a darkness to his stories that sets him apart from his contemporaries. It is arguable whether children who read his work pick up on the darker side, it is never the less there. For collectors first editions are highly sought after. The early titles were first issued in America and consequently those editions are more valuable than their English counterparts. In the mid 1970s and onwards, English titles tend to precede. Early UK titles were issued sans dust jacket in laminated pictorial boards. The boards are of a fragile nature making fine copies difficult to find. Copies with unrubbed boards with undamaged laminate do fetch a premium.
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Children's Titles

Title   Date Notes
The Gremlins Random 1943 UK: 1944 Collins, no dw. Both ND
James and the Giant Peach Knopf 1961 UK: 1967 Unwin, no dw
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Knopf 1964 UK: 1967 Unwin, no dw
The Magic Finger Harper 1966 UK: 1968 Unwin, no dw
Fantastic Mr Fox Knopf 1970 UK: 1970 Unwin, no dw
Charlie and the great Glass Elevator Knopf 1972 UK: 1973 Unwin, no dw
Danny Champion of the World Cape 1975 US: 1975 Knopf
The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar Cape 1977 US: 1977 Knopf
The Enormous Crocodile Cape 1978 US: 1978 Knopf, UK no dw
The Twits Cape 1980 US: 1981 Knopf
Georges's Marvellous Medicine Cape 1981 US: 198 Knopf
Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes Cape 1983 US: 1983 Knopf . UK no dw
The BFG Cape 1982 US: 1982 Straus
Dirty Beasts Cape 1983 US: 1983 Straus. UK no dw
The Witches Cape 1983 US: 1983 Straus
The Giraffe the Pelly and Me Cape 1985 US: 1985 Straus, both no dw
Matilda Cape 1988 US: 1988 Viking
Rhyme Stew Cape 1989 US: 1990 Viking
Esio Trot Cape 1990 US: 1990 Viking
The Vicar of Nibbleswicke Random 1991 US: 1991 Viking
The Minpins Cape 1991 US: 1991 Viking
My Year Cape 1993 US: 1993 Viking
The Mildenhall Treasure Cape 1999 US: 2000 Knopf

Other Titles

Title   Date Notes
Over to You Hitchcock 1946 UK: 1946 Hamilton
Someone Like You Knopf 1953 UK: 1954 Secker
Kiss Kiss Knopf 1960 UK: 1960 Joseph
A Roald Dahl Selection Longman 1960 US wraps
Twenty Nine Kisses Joseph 1969  
Switch Bitch Knopf 1974 UK: 1974 Joseph
Tales of the Unexpected Joseph 1979 US: 1979 Random, wraps
Taste and Other Tales Penguin 1979 UK paperback
More Tales of the Unexpected Joseph 1980  
Boy Tales of Childhood Cape 1984 US:1984 Straus
Completely Unexpected Tales Penguin 1986 wraps
Two Fables Viking 1986 300 signed copies also
Going Solo Cape 1986 US: 1986 Straus
Taste a 1934 Chateau Branaire Ducru Tainted Redpath 1986 wrappers
Ah Sweet Mystery of Life Joseph 1989 US: 1989 Knopf
Roald Dahl's Guide to Railway Safety BR 1991 wrappers
The great Automatic Grammatizator Viking 1996 US as the Umbrella Man
Skin Viking 2000  

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