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RM Ballantyne (Robert Michael) , born 1825 and died 1894 was a hugely prolific Scottish author. Much of his influence came from his experiences as a fur trader in Canada. He wrote adventure stories that were extremely popular and consequently reprinted numerous times. This can lead to problems for the collector and is, frankly, a bit of a minefield. All of the books listed are of collectable value in first edition status, some especially so. Ballantine
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Title   Date Notes
Snowflakes and Sunbeams Nelson 1856  
Three Little Kittens Nelson 1856 ND, as Comus
My Mother Nelson 1857 as Comus
The Butterfly's Ball Nelson 1857 as Comus
Mister Fox Nelson 1857 as Comus
Ungava A Tale of Esquimaux Land Nelson 1858  
The Coral Island Nelson 1858  
The Robber Kitten Nelson 1858 as Comus
Martin Razzler Nelson 1858  
Mee-a-ow! Nelson 1859  
The World of Ice Nelson 1860  
The Dog Crusoe Nelson 1861  
The Golden Dream Shaw 1861  
The Gorilla Hunters Nelson 1861  
The Red Eric Routledge 1861  
Man on the Ocean Nelson 1863  
The Wild Man of the West Routledge 1863  
Ballantyne's Miscellany Nisbet   1863-66 15 vols
Gascoyne The Sandal Wood Trader Nisbet 1864  
The Lifeboat Nisbet 1864  
Freaks on the Fells Routledge 1865  
The Lighthouse Nisbet 1865  
Shifting Winds A Tough Yarn Nisbet 1866  
Silver Lake Jackson 1867  
Fighting the Flames Nisbet 1868  
Away in the Wilderness Porter 1869 US edition
Deep Down A Tale of Cornish Coal Mines Nisbet 1869  
Erling the Bold Nisbet 1869  
The Floating Lights of the Godwin Sands Nisbet 1870  
The Iron Horse Nisbet 1871  
The Norsemen in the West Nisbet 1872  
The Pioneers Nisbet 1872  
Black Ivory Nisbet 1873  
Life in the Red Brigade Routledge 1873 not dated
The Ocean and Its Wonders Nelson 1874  
The Pirate City Nisbet 1875  
Rivers of Ice Nisbet 1875  
Under the Waves Nisbet 1876  
The Settler and the Savage Nisbet 1877  
In the Track of the Troops Nisbet 1878  
Jarwin and Cuffy Warne 1878 not dated
Six Months at the Cape Nisbet 1879  
Post Haste Nisbet 1880  
Philosopher Jack Nisbet 1880  
The lonely Island Nisbet 1880  
The Redman's Revenge Nisbet 1880  
The Collected Works of Ensign Sopht Nisbet 1881  
My Doggy and I Nisbet 1881 not dated
The Giant of the North Nisbet 1882  
The Kitten Pilgrims Nisbet 1882 not dated
The Battery and the Boiler Nisbet 1883  
The Madman and the Pirate Nisbet 1883  
Battles with the Sea Nisbet 1883  
The Young Trawlers Nisbet 1884  
Dusty Diamonds Cut and Polished Nisbet 1884  
Twice Bought Nisbet 1885  
The Rover of the Andes Nisbet 1885  
The Island Queen Nisbet 1885  
Red Rooney Nisbet 1886  
The Big Otter Nisbet 1887  
Blue Lights or Hot Work in the Soudan Nisbet 1888  
The Middy and the Moors Nisbet 1888  
The Crew and the Water Wagtail Nisbet 1889 not dated
The Garrett and the Garden Nisbet 1890 not dated
Charlie to the Rescue Nisbet 1890  
The Coxswain's Bride Nisbet 1891  
The Hot Swamp Nisbet 1892  
Hunted and Harried Nisbet 1892 not dated
The Walrus Hunters Nisbet 1893  
Fighting the Whales Blackie 1915 not dated
The Jolly Kitten Book Blackie 1925 not dated
Ballantyne Omnibus for Boys Collins 1932 not dated

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