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Richmal Crompton was born on 15th November 1890 in Bury Lancashire the daughter of a clergyman. she went to boarding school before university where a gained a degree in classics before becoming a teacher in a girls school. She is of course best known for her William books which have somewhat overshadowed her other work, indeed I believe non are in print today. The books were light and gentle and met with both public and critical approval. Today they are mainly sought after by William enthusiasts and whilst they may not be regarded as classic literature they are well written and deserving of greater attention and recognition. Richmal Crompton passed away in 1969. Early titles in jacket are difficult to locate and are genuinely rare books.
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Title Publisher Date Notes
The Innermost Room Melrose 1923  
The Hidden Light Hodder 1924 Not Dated
Anne Morrison Jarrolds 1925  
The Wildings Hodder 1925 Not Dated
David Wilding Hodder 1926 Not Dated
The House Hodder 1926 Not Dated
Millicent Dorrington Hodder 1927 Not Dated
Leadon Hill Hodder 1927 Not Dated
The Thorn Bush Hodder 1928 Not Dated
Roofs Off Hodder 1928 Not Dated
The four Graces Hodder 1929 Not Dated
Abbot's End Hodder 1929 Not Dated
Blue Flames Hodder 1930 Not Dated
Naomi Godstone Hodder 1930 Not Dated
Portrait of a Family Macmillan 1932  
Odyssey of Euphemia Tracy Macmillan 1932  
Marriage of Hermione Macmillan 1932  
The Holiday Macmillan 1933  
Chedsy Place Macmillan 1934  
The old Man's Birthday Macmillan 1934  
Quartet Macmillan 1935  
Caroline Macmillan 1936  
There are Four Seasons Macmillan 1937  
Journeying Wave Macmillan 1938  
Merlin Bay Macmillan 1939  
Steffan Green Macmillan 1940  
Narcissa Macmillan 1941  
Hrs Frensham Describes Macmillan 1942  
Weatherley Parade Macmillan 1943  
Westover Hutchinson 1946 Not Dated
The Ridleys Hutchinson 1947 Not Dated
Family Roundabout Hutchinson 1948 Not Dated
Frost at Morning Hutchinson 1950  
Linden Rise Hutchinson 1952  
The Gypsy's Baby Hutchinson 1954  
Four in Exile Hutchinson 1955  
Matty and the Dearingroydes Hutchinson 1956  
Blind Man's Buff Hutchinson 1957  
Wiseman's Folly Hutchinson 1959  
The Inheritor Hutchinson 1960  

Short Stories
Title Publisher Date Notes
Kathleen and I Hodder 1926 Not Dated
Ener Patricia Newnes 1927 Not Dated
A Monstrous Regiment Hutchinson 1927 Not Dated
Mist Hutchinson 1928 Not Dated
The Middle Things Hutchinson 1928 Not Dated
Felicity Stands By Newnes 1928 Not Dated
Sugar and Spice Ward Lock 1929  
Ladies First Hutchinson 1929 Not Dated
The Silver Birch Hutchinson 1931 Not Dated
The first Morning Hutchinson 1936 Not Dated

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