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Richard Marsh remains best known for his macabre gothic horror novel The Beetle which was published only weeks after Dracula, though Dracula today remains by far the best known The Beetle outsold it for over 25 years. He was born Richard Bernard Heldmann on 12th October 1857 in London and little is known of his early life. He was championed in his early day of writing by GA Henty who was the editor of a boys magazine and he soon became a prolific author. He died suddenly in 1915 at the age of 57
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Novels as Bernard Heldmann
Title   Date Notes
Dorrincourt Nisbet 1881  
Boxall School Nisbet 1881  
Expelled Nisbet 1882  
The Belton Scholarship Griffith 1882 not dated
Mutiny on board the Ship Leander Sampson 1882  
Daintree Nisbet 1883  

Novels as Richard Marsh
Title   Date Notes
The Devil's Diamond Henry 1893  
The Mahatma's Pupil Henry 1893  
Mrs Musgrave Heinemann 1895  
Strange Wooing of Mary Bowler Pearson 1895  
Mystery of Philip Bennion's Death Lock 1897  
The Crime and the Criminal Lock 1897  
The Beetle Skeffington 1897  
The Duke and the Damsel Pearson 1897  
House of Mystery White 1898  
The Datchet Diamonds Lock 1898  
Tom Ossington's Ghost Bowden 1898  
In Full Cry White 1899  
The Woman with one Hand Bowden 1899  
A Second Coming Richards 1900  
Ada Vernham Actress long 1900  
The Goddess A Demon White 1900  
The Chase of the Ruby Skeffington 1900  
A Hero of Romance Lock 1900  
The Joss A Reversion White 1901  
The Twickenham Peerage Methuen 1902  
The Magnetic Girl Long 1903  
The Death Whistle Treherne 1903  
A Metamorphosis Methuen 1903  
Miss Arnott's Marriage Long 1904  
A Duel Methuen 1904  
A Spoiler of Men Chatto 1905  
The Marquis of Putney Methuen 1905  
The Garden of Mystery Long 1906  
In the Service of Love Methuen 1906  
The Romance of a Maid Long 1907  
The Girl and the Miracle Methuen 1907  
A Woman Perfected Long 1907  
Coward Behind the Curtain Methuen 1908  
The Surprising Husband Methuen 1908  
The Interrupted Kiss Cassell 1909  
A Royal Indiscretion Methuen 1909  
Live Men's Shoes Methuen 1910  
The Lovely Mrs Blake Cassell 1910  
Twin Sisters Cassell 1911  
Violet Forster's Lover Cassell 1912  
A Master of Deception Cassell 1913  
Justice Suspended Chatto 1913  
Margot and Her Judges Chatto 1914  
Molly's Husband Cassell 1914  
His Love or Her Life Chatto 1915  
The Woman in the Car Unwin 1915  
A Man with Nine Lives Lock 1915  
Love in Fetters Cassell 1915  
The Flying Girl Lock 1915  
Sam Briggs VC Unwin 1916  
The Great Temptation Unwin 1916  
Coming of Age Long 1916  
The Deacons Daughter Long 1917  
Orders to Marry Long 1918  
Outwitted Long 1919  
Apron Strings Long 1920  

Short Stories by Richard Marsh
Title   Date Notes
Curios Some Strange Adventures Long 1898  
Frivolities Bowden 1899  
Marvels and Mysteries Methuen 1900  
The Seen and Unseen Methuen 1900  
An Aristocratic Detective Digby 1900  
Amusement Only Blackett 1901  
Both Sides of the Veil Methuen 1901  
The Adventures of Augustus Short Treherne 1902  
Between the Dark Digby 1902  
Garnered Methuen 1904  
Confessions of a Young Lady Long 1905  
Under one Flag Long 1906  
The Girl in the Blue Dress Long 1909  
A Drama of the Telephone Digby 1910  
Sam Briggs Long 1912  
Judith Lee Methuen 1912  
If it Pleases You Methuen 1913  
Adventures of Judith Lee Methuen 1916  
On the Jury Methuen 1918  

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