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RF Delderfield was born 12 February 1912 and spent his foremost years in the heart of London before the family moved to Devon. He was, as can be seen extremely prolific over a relatively short period of time. His novels are collected and do fetch reasonable sums. The plays less so, soft cover wraps are always a brake on collectability.
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Title   Date Notes
All Over the Town Bles 1947  
Seven Men of Gascony Laurie 1949  
Farewell the Tranquil Mind Hodder & Stoughton 1950  
The Adventures of Benn Gunn As Above 1956  
The Dreaming Suburb As Above 1958 Not dated
The Avenue Goes to War As Above 1958 Book in undated
There Was a Fair Maid Dwelling As Above 1960  
Stop at a Winner As Above 1961 Paperback original
The Unjust Skies As Above 1962  
The Spring Madness of Mr Sermon As Above 1963  
Too Few for Drums As Above 1964  
A Horseman Riding By As Above 1966  
Cheap Day Return Hodder & Stoughton 1967  
The Green Gauntlet As Above 1968  
Come Home Charlie As Above 1969  
God is an Englishman As Above 1969  
Theirs was the Kingdom As Above 1971  
To Serve them all My days As Above 1972  
Give Us this Day Hodder & Stoughton 1973  


Title   Date Notes
This is My Life Fox 1944  
Worm's Eye View Embassy 1946  
Peace Comes to Peckham Ditto 1948  
Al Over the Town French 1948  
The Queen Came By Keane 1949  
Sailors Beware Ditto 1950  
Waggonload O Monkeys Ditto 1952  
The Old Lady of Cheadle Ditto 1952  
Miaow Miaow French 1952  
Made to Measure Ditto 1952  
The Bride Wore an Opal Ring Ditto 1952  
Spark in Judea Stone 1953  
Golden Rain French 1953  
The Testimonial Ditto 1953  
Absent Lover Ditto 1953  
Smoke in the Valley Ditto 1953  
Where there's a Will Ditto 1954  
The Orchard Walls Ditto 1954  
The Guinea Pigs Deane 1954  
Home is the Hunted French 1954  
Musical Switch Stone 1954  
The Rounderlay Tradition Deane 1954  
Ten Til Five Stone 1954  
And then there Were None French 1954  
The Honest Plan Ditto 1954  
The Offending Hand Deane 1955  
Uncle's Little Lapse Stone 1955  
This Happy Brood Evans 1956  
The Mayerling Affair French 1958  
Flashpoint Ditto 1958  
Once Abroad the Lugger Ditto 1962  
Wild Mink Ditto 1962  


Title   Date Notes
These Clicks Made History Raleigh 1946  
Nobody Shouted Werner 1951  
Bird's Eye View Constable 1954  
Napoleon in Love Hodder 1959  
Tales Out of School Warne 1963  
The March of the Twenty-Six Hodder 1964  
The Golden Millstones Weidenfeld 1964  
Under an English Sky Stoughton 1964  
The Retreat from Moscow As Above 1967  
For My Own Amusement Ditto 1968  
Imperial Sunset Ditto 1969  
Overture for Beginners Ditto 1970  

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