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Paul Stewart is a prolific author who has exploded onto the collectable scene. At the time of writing, the Edge Chronicles with Chris Riddell started the boom and are the most collectable of the books. The books make for a particularly nice set, great dust jacket designs and map illustrated endpapers all make for a visually appealing set. Other early titles are also carrying big tickets but are not really as desirable. Later titles are relatively easy to obtain in first edition status and need not be particularly expensive. As ever with ultra-modern books condition is absolutely everything. Books need to be at least fine copies with no real flaws. This explosion in popularity and almost immediate collectability has also been fuelled by numerous public signings. Consequently signed and double signed copies are not especially rare. Serious collectors may want to consider only buying flat signed copies of the mid range and later titles. Riddell is also known to sometimes add little cartoons or doodles, naturally these are also more desirable. Collectors should be aware that many of the books carry a printers key, those that do should contain the number 1. If the do not they are reprints. .
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The Edge Chronicles - with Chris Riddell

Title   Date Notes
Beyond the Deepwoods Doubleday 1998 Cream cloth, gilt lettering
Stormchaser Doubleday 1999 Blue cloth, silver letters
Midnight Over Sanctaphrax Ditto 2000 Blue boards, silver letters
The Curse of the Gloamglozer Ditto 2001  
Cloud Wolf Corgi 2001 Wrappers
The Last of the Sky Pirates Doubleday 2002  
Vox Ditto 2003 Green-gilt
Freeglader Ditto 2004  
Winter Knights Ditto 2005  

Other Titles

Title   Date Notes
The Thought Domain Kestrel 1988 No dust jacket
The Weather Witch Kestrel 1989  
Adam's Ark Viking 1990  
Giant Gutso and the Wacky Gang Orchard 1991  
Rory McCrory's Nightmare Machine Viking 1992  
The Snowman Who Couldn't Melt Viking 1993  
Bubble and Shriek Viking 1993  
Castle of Intrigue Usborne 1994  
Neighbourhood Witch Viking 1994  
Stage Fright Usborne 1995  
The Wakening Yearling 1996  
Clock of Doom Usborne 1996  
Brown Eyes Penguin 1999  
The Midnight Hand Corgi 1997  
Lucky Luke Penguin 1997  
Dogbird Corgi 1998  
The Hanging Tree Scholastic 1998 paperback original
A Little Bit of Winter Andersen 1998  
Millie's Party Mammoth 1999  
Invasion of the Blobs Macmillan 1999  
Hat Trick Hippo 1999 PBO
The Birthday Presents Andersen 1999  
Talking Toasters Macmillan 1999  
Beware of the Babysitter Macmillan 2000  
Garglejuice Ditto 2000  
Naughty Gnomes Macmillan 2000  
Purple Alert Macmillan 2000  
School Stinks As Above 2000  
Silly Billy Macmillan 2000  
Fright Train Scholastic 2001  
Rabbit's Wish Andersen 2001  
Snowblind OUP 2001  
The Were Pig Corgi 2002  
What Do You Remember Andersen 2002  
Muddle earth Macmillan 2003  
The watch Frog Corgi 2003  
Blobheads Macmillan 2003  
Free Lance and the Lake Of Skulls Hodder 2003  
Free Lance and the Field of Blood Hodder 2004  
Blobheads Go Boing Macmillan 2004  
Here Be Dragons   2004  
Dr Cuddles of Giggle Glade   2004  
Fergus Crane Doubleday 2004  
The Curse of Magoria   2004  
Free Lance and the Dragon's Hoard Hodder 2005  
Corby Flood Doubleday 2005  
Joust of Honour   2005  

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