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Jules Verne was one of the most celebrated writers of his era and remains today one of the most important and formative figures and science fiction and adventure fiction. Born on 8 February 1828 in Nantes, France he began writing short stories whilst working at the stock exchange in Paris. His novel met with immediate commercial success though British reader had to wait some years before they were published in England. He had a prodigious output and was still writing 2 books a year in his Seventies, despite failing health. He died in 1905 at the age of 77.
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Title Publisher Date Notes
Five Weeks in a Balloon Chapman Hall 1870  
A Journey to the Centre of the Earth Farran 1872 [1871]
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas Sampson Low 1873 [1872] the S in Seas is dropped n later editions
From the Earth to the Moon Direct in 97 Hours and a Trip Round it Sampson Low 1873  
Meridiana: The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa Sampson Low 1873  
The Fur Country Sampson Low 1874 [1873]
Around the World in Eighty Days Sampson Low 1874 [1873]
A Floating City & The Blockade Runners Sampson Low 1874  
Dr Ox's Experiment and Other Stories Sampson Low 1875  
The Mysterious Island, Dropped from the Clouds, Abandoned & The Secret of the Island Sampson Low 1875 3 volumes
The English at the North Pole Routledge 1875 [1874]
The Survivors of the Chancellor Sampson Low 1875  
The Field of Ice Routledge 1876  
Martin Paz Sampson Low 1876  
A Winter Amid the Ice Sampson Low 1876  
A Voyage Around the World Routledge 1876-77 3 volumes
Michael Strogoff Sampson Low 1877 [1876]
The Child of the Cavern Sampson Low 1877  
Hector Servedac Sampson Low 1878  
The Exploration of the World Sampson Low 1879 non fiction
Dick Sands the Boy Captain Sampson Low 1879 [1878]
The Great Navigators of the Eighteenth Century Sampson Low 1880 non fiction
The Begum's Fortune Sampson Low 1880 [1879]
The Tribulations of a Chinaman Sampson Low 1880  
The Great Explorers of the Nineteenth Century Sampson Low 1881 non fiction
The Steam House: Demon of Cawnpore & Tigers and Traitors Sampson Low 1881 2 volumes
The Giant Rift: Down the Amazon and The Cryptogram Sampson Low 1881 2 volumes
Godfrey Morgan, A Californian Mystery Sampson Low 1883  
The Green Ray Sampson Low 1883  
Keraban the Inflexible: The Captain of the Guidara and Scarpante the Spy Sampson Low 1884-85 2 volumes
The Vanished Diamond Sampson Low 1885  
The Archipelago on Fire Sampson Low 1886  
Mathias Sandorf Sampson Low 1886  
The Clipper of the Clouds Sampson Low 1887  
The Lottery Ticket Sampson Low 1887  
The Flight to France Sampson Low 1888  
North against South Sampson Low 1888  
Adrift in the Pacific Sampson Low 1889  
A Family Without Name Sampson Low 1891 [1890]
The Purchase of the North Pole Sampson Low 1891 [1890]
Cesar Cascabel Sampson Low 1891  
Mistress Branican Sampson Low 1892  
The Castle of the Carpathians Sampson Low 1893  
Claudius Bombarnac Sampson Low 1894  
Foundling Mick Sampson Low 1895  
Captain Antifer Sampson Low 1895  
The Floating Island Sampson Low 1896  
Clovis Dardentor Sampson Low 1897  
For the Flag Sampson Low 1897  
An Antarctic Mystery Sampson Low 1898  
The Will of an Eccentric Sampson Low 1900  
The Chase of the Golden Meteor Grant Richards 1909  
Master of the World Sampson Low 1914 not dated
The Lighthouse at the End of the World Sampson Low 1923 not dated

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