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JP Donleavy, James Patrick, was born in Brooklyn 23rd April 1926 to Irish immigrant parents. He served in the Naval Academy during World War II but already had a love and flair for writing. Greatly influenced by James Joyce which created a desire to go to Ireland. On leaving the Navy he decided to go to college though met with little success in being accepted. With Ireland in his thoughts he applied to and was accepted at Trinity College Dublin due mainly he later claimed to a combination of good luck and their ignorance of American qualifications. He enjoyed a comfortable few years trying his hand at painting and writing short stories. After getting married and acquiring a small holding near Kilcoole on the Wicklow coast the financial reality of the real world hit home. He tried to sell some of his paintings to various galleries, though they were met with approval and considered original he was told they would only sell if he became known. Stoic in rejection he returned home and began to write what was to become his best known novel The Ginger Man. When finished the nightmare of getting it published began, despite being well received it was continually rejected due to obscenity concerns. Originally published by Olympia Press in Paris it was edited and marketed in such a way as to dismay the author to such an extent that he swore revenge on them. Legal battles continued for years over the rights to the book. Revenge was to come some years later when Olympia went bankrupt and the name and rights went up for auction. The original owner hoped to buy them back for a song only to be outbid by two women one Mary Price was bidding under her maiden name, her married name being Mary Donleavy!.
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Title Publisher Date
The Ginger Man Spearman 1956
What they Did in Dublin Macgibbon 1961
Fairy Tales of New York (Play) Penguin 1961
A Singular Man Bodley Head 1963
A Singular Man (Play) Bodley Head 1965
Meet My Maker the Mad Molecule Bodley Head 1965
The Saddest Summer of Samuel S Eyre 1967
The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B Eyre 1969
The Onion Eaters Eyre 1971
A Fairy Tale of New York Methuen 1973
The Plays of JP Donleavy Penguin 1974
The Unexpurgated Code Wildwood 1975
The Destinies of Darcy Dancer Lane 1978
Schultz Lane 1980
Leila Lane 1983
De Alfonce Tennis Weidenfeld 1984
Ireland in all her Sins Joseph 1986
Are you listening Rabbi Low Viking 1987
A Singular Country Ryan 1989
That Darcy, That Dancer, That Gentleman Viking 1990
The History of the Ginger Man Viking 1994
An Author and his Image Viking 1997
The Lady Who Liked Clean Rest Rooms Little Brown 1997
Wrong Information Being Given Out at Princeton Little Brown 1998

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