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Sellers and Trade

The aim of of this site is to create an online community and reference site for dealers, collectors and readers.

We are driving a huge volume of relevant traffic through the site with the mass of unique content we are constantly adding

If you sell books then the benefits of joining are both immediate and financially viable.

We will create for you a unique homepage which will appear independently in all the major search engines.
This will give people wishing to find you or searching for specialist dealers direct access to you.
All your contact details can be displayed, address, phone number and email address should you wish
We will also provide the ability to search ONLY YOUR stock on sites such as ABE

These facilities will give dealers without websites that all important independent presence on the internet
without all the expense and responsibility of building or commissioning a website.

You will have your own unique address which you can use on other sites and on business cards etc
i.e. - the JoeBloggs-Books will be replaced with the words of your choice

Not only will this allow the whole world to easily find both you and your books
but also local people in your area who may wish to sell books or locate a dealer.

If you have your own website already then the benefits are equally substantial
Today you need as many search matches as possible - future proofing you

Collectors and Enthusiasts

We also welcome collectors, readers, societies - anyone interested or connected with books
We can provide all of the above services for members of the public as well
This can include lists of books wanted that will appear in search engines all over the world
If you have a society or events you wish to promote we are also happy to oblige

These are just a few of the benefits in joining us, should you wish to discuss them further
please do not hesitate to contact us

How much does it cost ?

For the whole package listed above the total cost is only 20 (GBP20) per year

We believe this offers incredible value for money
especially when compared to the cost, and far more limited benefits, of advertising in
magazines, local papers, yellow pages etc.

All booksellers, full time or part time, from anywhere in the world are welcome to join
Suppliers of book related products and packaging etc are also most welcome
As are bookbinders, book fair organisers, Auctioneers etc

We can provide a much enhanced multipage service should you require it
Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs

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