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Johanna Lindsey is an incredibly popular writer in the romance genre. She sells huge numbers of books throughout the world. Her first editions of early titles do appear to be rare. A with most romance writers sales to the public tend to be mainly paperbacks with the main market for hardcovers being the public library system. Whilst researching this bibliography in both the US Library of Congress and the British Library the complexity of this checklist made itself clear. Some holding libraries only have record of a large print edition, some only a paperback. Ascertaining precedence of publication is also another nightmare. We need to do a great deal more work before this bibliography is complete for serious collectors. That said in the meantime it does fulfil its function for readers in providing all the titles and the series' that they are from. We shall be returning to this Johanna Lindsey list of books and hope to make it more definitive.
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Title   Date Notes
Captive Bride   1978  
A Pirate's Love   1978  
Fires of Winter   1980 Viking
Paradise Wild   1981  
So Speaks the Heart   1983  
A Gentle Feuding   1984  
Brave the Wild Wind   1984 Western Series
Heart of Thunder   1984 Glorious Angel
Glorious Angel   1985 Ditto
Love Only Once   1985 Malory Family
Tender is the Storm   1985  
When Love Awaits   1986  
A Heart So  Wild   1986 Straton
Hearts Aflame   1987 Viking
Tender Rebel   1988 Malory Family
Savage Thunder   1989 Western Series
Silver Angel   1989  
Defy Not the Heart   1989 Defy Not The Heart
Gentle Rogue   1990 Malory Family
Prisoner of My Desire   1991  
Once a Princess   1991 Cardinia
Angel   1992 Western Series
Man of My Dreams   1992 Sherring Cross
Keeper of the Heart Avon 1993 Futuristic
The Magic of You   1993 Malory Family
Surrender My Love   1994 Viking
You Belong to Me   1994 Cardinia
Until Forever   1995  
Love Me Forever   1995 Sherring Cross
Say You Love Me   1996 Malory Family
Secret Fire   1996  
All I Need is You Avon 1997 Straton
Warrior's Woman   1997 Futuristic
The Present   1998 Malory Family
Joining   1999 Defy Not The Heart
Home for the Holidays   2000  
The Heir   2000  
Heart of a Warrior   2001 Futuristic
The Pursuit   2002 Sherring Cross
A Man to Call My Own   2003  
The Holiday Present   2003  
A Loving Scoundrel   2004 Malory Family
Marriage Most Scandalous   2005  
Captive of My Desires   2006 Malory Family

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