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Joan Aiken, born 1924, is the daughter of Conrad Aiken and primarily known for her children's books. Her work is sought after by first edition collectors and all the books listed in this bibliography are of interest. At the time of writing prices are within the reach of the committed collector with a reasonable budget, even the eary titles are accessable financially.
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Children's Books

Title   Date Notes
All You've Ever Wanted Cape 1953  
More Than You Bargained For Ditto 1955 US: 1957 Abelard
The Kingdom and the Cave Abelard 1960 US: 1974 Doubleday
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase Cape 1962 US: 1973 Ditto
Black Hearts in Battersea Ditto 1965  
Nightbirds on Nantucket Ditto 1966 US: 1966 Ditto
The Whispering Mountain Ditto 1968 US: 1969 Doubleday
A Necklace of Raindrops Ditto 1968 US: 1968 ditto
A Small Pinch of Weather Ditto 1969  
The Cuckoo Tree Cape 1971 US: 1971 Ditto
All and More Cape 1971  
The Kingdom Under the Sea Ditto 1971  
A Harp of Fishbones Cape 1972  
Arabel's Raven BBC 1972 US: 1974 Doubleday
The Escaped Black Mamba BBC 1973 Wrappers
All But A Few Puffin 1974 Wraps
Not What You Expected Doubleday 1974  
The Bread Sin BBC 1974 Softcover
Mortimer's Tie Ditto 1976 Wraps
A Bundle of Nerves Gollancz 1976  
Go Saddle the Sea Doubleday 1977 UK: 1978 Cape
The Faithless Lollybird Cape 1977 US: 1978 Doubleday
Tales of A One-Way Street Ditto 1978 US: 1979 as above
Mice and Mendelson Ditto 1978  
Mortimer and the Sword Excalibur, BBC 1979 PBO
The Spiral Stair BBC 1979 PBO
A Touch of Chill Gollancz 1979 US: 1980 Delacorte
Mortimer's Portrait on Glass BBC 1980 PBO
Mr Jones's Disappearing Taxi Ditto 1980 PBO
The Shadow Guests Cape 1980 US: 1980 Delacorte
Arabel and Mortimer Ditto 1980 US: 1981 ditto
The Stolen Lake Ditto 1981 US: 1981 Delacorte
A Whisper in the Night Gollancz 1982 US: 1984 ditto
Bridle the Wind Cape 1983 US: 1983 Delacorte
Mortimer's Cross BBC 1983 US: 1983 Harper
The Kitchen Warriors BBC 1983  
Up The Chimney Down Cape 1984 US: 1984 Harper
Mortimer Says Nothing Ditto 1985 US: 1985 ditto
The Last Slice of Rainbow Ditto 1985 US: 1988 ditto
Past Eight O'clock Ditto 1986 US: 1987 Kestrel
Dido and Pa Cape 1986 US: 1987 Delacorte
The Moon's Revenge Ditto 1987 US: 1988 Knopf
The Teeth of the Gale Ditto 1988 US: 1988 Harper
A Foot in the Grave Ditto 1989 US: 1991 Viking
A Fit of Shivers Gollancz 1990 US: 1992 Delacorte
Is Cape 1992 US: 1992 Delacorte
Creepy Company Gollancz 1993  
The Winter Sleepwalker Cape 1994  
Cold Shoulder Road Ditto 1995 US: 1995 Delacorte
A Handful of Gold Cape 1995  
Moon Cake Hodder 1998  
The Scream Macmillan 2002  


Title   Date Notes
The Silence of Herondale Gollancz 1965 US: 1964 Doubleday
The Fortune Hunters Doubleday 1965  
Trouble With Project X Gollancz 1966 US: as Beware of the Banquet
Hate Begins at Home Ditto 1967 US: 1967 as Dark Interval
The Ribs of Death Ditto 1967 US: 1968 as The Crystal Cow
Armitage, Armitage, Fly Away Home Doubleday 1968  
Night Fall Holt 1969  
The Windscreen Weepers Gollancz 1969  
Smoke From Cromwell's Time Doubleday 1970  
The Embroidered Sunset Gollancz 1970 US: 1970 Doubleday
The Green Flash Holt 1971  
Suspense and Fantasy Holt 1971  
Died on a Rainy Day Ditto 1972 US: 1972 Holt
The Butterfly Picnic Ditto 1972 US: 1972 as Cluster of Separate Sparks
Midnight is a Place Cape 1974 US: 1974 Viking
Voices in an Empty House Gollancz 1975 US: 1975 Doubleday
Castle Barehane Ditto 1976 US: 1976 Viking
The Far Forests Viking 1977  
Last Movement Gollancz 1977 US: 1977 Doubleday
The Five-Minute Marriage Gollancz 1977 US: 1978 ditto
The Smile of the Stranger Ditto 1978 US: 1978 ditto
The Young Lady From Paris Ditto 1978 US: 1980 ditto
The Lightning Tree Ditto 1980 US: 1980 as Weeping Ash
Foul Matter Gollancz 1983 US: 1983 Doubleday
Mansfield Revisited Ditto 1984 US: 1985 ditto
Deception Ditto 1987 US: 1987 as If I Were You
A Goose On Your Grave Ditto 1987  
The Erl King's Daughter Heinemann 1988  
Voices Hippo 1988 Paperback original
Background Gollancz 1989 US: 1989 Doubleday
Give Yourself A Fright Delacorte 1989  
Jane Fairfax Gollancz 1990 US: 1990 St Martin's
The Haunting of Lamb House Cape 1991 US: 1993 St Martin's
Eliza's Daughter Gollancz 1994 US: 1994 St Martin's
Emma Watson Ditto 1996 US: 1996 St Martin's
The Cockatrice Boys Ditto 1996 US: 1996 Tor
The Youngest Miss Ward Gollancz 1998 US: 1998 St Martin's


Title   Date Notes
Winterthing Holt 1972  
Winterthing and Mooncusser's Daughter Cape 1973  
The Mooncusser's Daughter Viking 1974  
The Skin Spinners Viking 1976  
Angel Inn Cape 1976 Translation
The Way to Write for Children Elm Tree 1982 PBO

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