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Jane Shaw, born in Glasgow 1910, was a Scottish children's writer best known and remembered for her Susan series. It is fair to say that she has been somewhat eclipsed by the likes of Enid Blyton and Brent Dyer et al, perhaps somewhat unfairly. The first editions are collectable and are of value, but not as expensive as the two mentioned above. This makes collecting her books a more feasable option for many. Collectors should be aware of the Seagull series, they are reprints and of no value beyond their readability. These editions can often be seen being passed off as 1sts on online auction sites.
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Title   Date Notes
Susan Pulls the Strings Collins 1952  
Susan's Helping Hand As Above 1955  
S**** Rushes In As Above 1956  
S**** Interferes As Above 1957  
Susan at School As Above 1958 illus by RA Branton
S***n Muddles Through Collins 1960 illus by RA Branton
Susan's Trying Term As Above 1961 Ditto
No Trouble for S' As Above 1962 Ditto
S***n's Kind Heart As Above 1965  
Where is S' As Above 1968  
A Job for Susan Collins 1969  

Penny Series

Title   Date Notes
Penny Foolish Nelson 1953 illus by Gilbert Dunlop
Twopence Coloured Ditto 1954 Ditto
Threepenny Bit Ditto 1955 Ditto
Fourpenny Fair Nelson 1956 illus by Gilbert Dunlop
Fivepenny Mystery Ditto 1958 Ditto
Crooked Sixpence Nelson 1958 illus by Gilbert Dunlop

Jane Shaw - Others

Title   Date Notes
My Own Book of Baby Beasts Collins 1938 as Jean Patrick
My Own Book of Other Lands As Above 1938 as Jean Patrick
Breton Holiday Collins 1939  
Bernese Holiday As Above 1940  
Highland Holiday As Above 1942  
The House of the Glimmering Light As Above 1943  
The Crew of the Belinda As Above 1945  
The Moochers Lutterworth 1950  
The Moochers Abroad Lutterworth 1951  
Farm Friends Collins 1953 illus by Lindy
Puppy Tales As Above 1953 Ditto
Looking After Thomas Nelson 1957 illus by Gilbert Dunlop
Willow Green Mystery As Above 1958 Ditto
Uncle Remus Stories Collins 1960 illus William Backhouse
The Tall Man Nelson 1960  
Venture to South Africa As Above 1960  
Heidi Grows Up Collins 1961  
Hew House at Northmead Nelson 1961  
Left Handed Tumfy Lutterworth 1962 illus Gwyneth Mamlock
Crooks Tour Collins 1962  
Northmead Nuisance Nelson 1963 illus Robert Hodgson
Anything Can Happen As Above 1964 illus Thelma Lambert
Nothing Happened After All As Above 1965  
Paddy Turns Detective Collins 1967 as Jean Bell, wrappers
The Penhallow Mystery As Above 1967 as Jean Bell, wrappers
Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox Collins 1969 illus William Backhouse

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