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James Fenimore Cooper was born 15th September 1789 in New Jersey, one of thirteen children. His education started wonderfully with a scholarship to Yale, only to be sent down, as was his brother. This lead his irate father to sending them into the Navy which provided the perfect grounding for his later work. In 1809 his father was murdered and he was left a considerable sum of money. He went on to write one of the best known books in American literature, The Last of the Mohicans, whilst much of of his other work may be unknown to readers today it still has a great deal of merit and is keenly sought by collectors of rare and collectable books.
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The Novels of James Fenimore Cooper
PRECAUTION (two volumes; anon.) (Goodrich, New York, 1820)
ditto (three volumes) (Henry Colburn, 1821)
THE SPY: A Tale of Neutral Ground (two volumes; 'by the author of "Precaution"') (Wiley & Hatstead, New York, 1821)
ditto (three volumes; as 'The Spy: A Tale of the Neutral Ground') (Whittaker, 1822)
THE PIONEERS, or the Sources of the Susquehanna; a Descriptive Tale (two volumes; 'by the author of "Precaution"') (Charles Wiley, New York, 1823)
ditto (three volumes) (Simpkin, 1823)
THE PILOT: A Tale of the Sea (two volumes) (Charles Wiley, New York, 1824)
ditto (three volumes; 'By the Author of "The Spy'") (John Miller, 1824)
LIONEL LINCOLN; or, The Leaguer of Boston (two volumes) (Charles Wiley, New York, 1825 [volume one dated '1824']).
ditto (three volumes) (John Miller, 1825)
THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS; a Narrative of 1757 (two volumes) (Carey & Lea, Philadelphia, 1826)
ditto (three volumes) (Paris, 1826)
ditto (three volumes) (John Miller, 1826)
THE PRAIRIE (two volumes) (Carey, Lea & Carey, Philadelphia, 1827)
ditto (three volumes; 'By the Author of The Spy, The Pilot, &c &c.')
(Henry Colburn, 1827)
ditto (three volumes) (Paris, 1827)
THE RED ROVER (two volumes) (Carey, Lea & Carey, Philadelphia, 1828}
ditto (three volumes) (Hector Bossange, Paris, 1827)
ditto (three volumes) (Henry Colburn, 1827)
THE WEPT OF WISH TON-WISH (two volumes) (Carey, Lea & Carey, Philadelphia, November 1829)
ditto (three volumes; as 'The Borderers; or, the Wept of Wish-ton-wish: A Tale'}
(Henry Colburn, September 1829)
THE WATER-WITCH; or, the Skimmer of the Seas (two volumes) (Carey & Lea, Philadelphia, December 1830 [1831])
ditto (three volumes) (Walther, Dresden, September 1830)
ditto (three volumes) (Henry Colburn, October 1830)
THE BRAVO; a Venetian Story (two volumes) (Carey & Lea, Philadelphia, 1831}
ditto (three volumes; preceded the above) (Colburn & Bentley, 1831)
THE HEIDENMAUER; or, the Benedictines (two volumes; 'By the Author of "The Prairie", "Red Rover", "Bravo" &c &c.') (Carey & Lea, Philadelphia, September 1832)
ditto (three volumes; 'By The Author of "The Pilot", "The Bravo" &c.'}
(Colburn & Bentley, July 1832)
THE HEADSMAN: or, the Abbaye des Vignerons (two volumes) (Carey, Lea & Blanchard, Philadelphia, 1833)
ditto (three volumes; preceded the above) (Bentley, 1833)
THE MONIKINS (two volumes) (Carey, Lea & Blanchard, Philadelphia, 1835)
ditto (three volumes) (Bentley, 1835)
HOMEWARD BOUND; or, The Chase; a Tale of the Sea (two volumes) (Carey, Lea & Blanchard, Philadelphia, August 1838)
ditto (three volumes) (Bentley, May 1838)
HOME AS FOUND (two volumes) (Lea & Blanchard, Philadelphia, 1838)
ditto (three volumes; as 'Eve Effingham; or, Home') (Bentley, 1838)
THE PATHFINDER; or, the Inland Sea (two volumes) (Lea & Blanchard, 1840)
ditto (three volumes) (Bentley, 1840)
MERCEDES OF CASTILE; or, The Voyage to Cathay (two volumes) (Lea & Blanchard, Philadelphia, 1840)
ditto (three volumes) (Bentley, 1841)
THE DEERSLAYER (two volumes) (Lea & Blanchard, Philadelphia, 1841)
ditto (three volumes) (Bentley, 1841)
THE TWO ADMIRALS. A Tale (two volumes) (Lea & Blanchard, Philadelphia, 1842)
ditto (three volumes; as The Two Admirals. A Tale of the Sea') (Bentley, 1842)
THE WING-AND-WING (two volumes; paperback) (Lea & Blanchard, Philadelphia, 1842)
ditto (three volumes) (Bentley, 1842)
WYANDOTTE; or, the Hutted Knoll (two volumes; paperback) (Lea & Blanchard, Philadelphia, 1843)
ditto (three volumes) (Bentley, 1843)
AFLOAT AND ASHORE; or, The Adventures of Miles Wallingford (two volumes; paperback) (The author, 1844)
ditto (three volumes) (Bentley, 1844)
AFLOAT AND ASHORE: Second Series (continuation of above; later retitled 'Miles Wallingford') (two volumes; paperback) (Burgess Stringer, New York, 1844)
ditto (three volumes; later retitled 'Lucy Hardinge') (Bentley, 1844)
SATANSTOE (two volumes; paperback) (Burgess Stringer, New York, 1845)
ditto (three volumes; preceded the above) (Bentiey, 1845
THE CHAINBEARER (two volumes; paperback) (Burgess Stringer, New York, 1845)
ditto (three volumes; preceded the above) (Bentley, 1845)
THE REDSKINS; or, Indian & Injin (two volumes; paperback) (Burgess Stringer, New York, 1846) . (three volumes; preceded the above; as 'Ravensnest') (Bentley, 1846)
THE CRATER. A Tale of the Pacific (two volumes; paperback) (Burgess Stringer, New York, 1847)
ditto (three volumes; preceded the above; as 'Mark's Reef; or, The Crater') (Bentley, 1847)
JACK TIER (two volumes; paperback) (Burgess Stringer, New York, 1848)
ditto (three volumes; as 'Captain Spike') (Bentley, 1848
THE OAK OPENINGS; or, The Bee-Hunter (two volumes; paperback) (Burgess Stringer, New York, 1848)
ditto (three volumes; as The Bee Hunter') {Bentley, 1848)
THE SEA LIONS; or, The Lost Sealers (two volumes) (Stringer & Townsend, New York, 1849)
ditto (three volumes; 'By the Author of "The Red Rover") {Bentley, 1849)
THE WAYS OF THE HOUR {G. P. Putnam, New York, 1850)
ditto (three volumes) (Bentley, 1850)

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