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James Thurber, 1894 - 1961, was an American short story writer and cartoonist. He is best remembered for Walter Mitty, successfully adapted for the big screen and starring Danny Kaye. His illustrative work is very closely associated with the New Yorker magazine. His work is very collectable with early titles being fairly valuable. American editions, generally, precede and are of greater value. Early first editions in nice dust jackets are not easy to come by and a full set would take some accumulating.
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Title   Date Notes
Oh My Omar A Musical Comedy OSU 1921 Wraps. A play
Many Moons Ohio 1922 Wrappers. Play
Tell Me Not A Two Act Musical Comedy OSU 1924 wrap. Play
Is Sex Necessary Harper 1929 UK: 1930 Heinemann
The Owl in the Attic and Other Perplexities Harper 1931 UK: 1931 Harper
The seal in the Bedroom and Other Predicaments Harper 1932 UK: 1932 ditto
My Life and Hard Times Ditto 1933 UK: 1933 ditto
The Middle-Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze Ditto 1935 UK: 1935 Hamilton
Let Your Mind Alone Ditto 1937 UK: 1937 Hamish
The Last Flower. A Parable in Pictures Ditto 1939 UK: 1939 ditto
Cream of Thurber Hamilton 1939  
Fables of Our Time Harper 1940 UK: 1940 ditto
The Male Animal Random 1940 UK: 1950 ditto
My World and Welcome To It Brace 1942 UK: 1942 ditto
Thurber's Men, Women and Dogs Harcourt 1943 UK: 1943 ditto
Many Moons Ditto 1943 UK 1945 ditto
The Great Quillow Ditto 1944  
The Thurber Carnival Harper 1945 UK: 1945 ditto
The White Deer Ditto 1945 UK: 1946 ditto
The Beast in Me and Other Animals Ditto 1948 UK: 1949 ditto
The 13 Clocks Schuster 1950 UK: 1951 as above
The Th***er  Album A New Collection of Pieces About People Schuster 1952 UK: 1952 ditto
Th***er Country A New Collection of Pieces About Males and Females Simon 1953 UK: 1953 as above
Th***er on Humour OLA 1953 Softcover
A Th***er Garland Hamilton 1955  
Further Fables for Our Time Schuster 1956 UK: 1956 Hamilton
Alarms and Diversions Harper 1957 UK: 1957 ditto
The Wonderful O Simon 1957 UK: 1958 ditto
The Years with Ross Brown 1959 UK: 1959 ditto
Lanterns and Lances Harper 1961 UK: 1961 ditto
Credos and Curios Ditto 1962 UK: 1962 ditto
Vintage Th***er Hamilton 1963 Two volume set
Th***er and Company Harper 1966 UK: 1967 Hamish
Selected Letters of .. Brown 1981 UK: 1982 ditto
Collecting Himself .. Harper 1989  
Th***er on Crime Mysterious 1989  

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