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Title   Date Notes
The Thomas Berryman Number Little Brown 1976 UK: 1977 Secker
Season of the Machete Ditto 1977 UK: 1978 Secker
The Jericho Commandment Crown 1979 UK: 1980 Hamlyn pbo?
Virgin McGraw 1980 UK: 2000 Headline
Black Market Schuster 1986 UK: 1986 Hodder
The Midnight Club Little 1989 UK: 1989 Mysterious
Along Came a Spider Brown 1993 UK 1993 Collins
Kiss the Girls Little 1993 UK: 1995 Harper
Hide and Seek Ditto 1995 UK: 1996 Harper
Jack and Jill Brown 1996 UK: 1997 ditto
Miracle on the 17th Green Ditto 1996 UK: 1998 Headline
Cat and Mouse Little 1997 UK: 1997 Headline
When the Wind Blows Ditto 1998 UK: 1998 ditto
Pop! Goes the Weasel Ditto 1999 UK: 1999 ditto
Roses Are Red Ditto 2000 UK: 2000 as above
Cradle and All - See Virgin Brown 2000 UK: 2000 Headline
Violets Are Blue Ditto 2001 UK: 2001 ditto
1st to Die Ditto 2001 UK: 2001 Headline
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas Brown 2001 UK: 2001 ditto
Four Blind Mice Ditto 2002 UK: 2002 Headline
2nd Chance Ditto 2002 UK: 2002 Headline
The Beach House Brown 2002 UK: 2002 Headline
The Big Bad Wolf Ditto 2003 UK: 2003 Headline
The Jester Brown 2003 UK: 2003 ditto
The Lake House Ditto 2003 UK: 2003 as above
London Bridges Ditto 2004 UK: 2004 as above
Sam's Letters to Jennifer Brown 2004 UK: 2000 ditto
3rd Degree Ditto 2004 UK: 2005 Headline
Mary Mary Ditto 2005 UK: 2005 ditto
4th of July Ditto 2005 UK: 2005 ditto
Honeymoon Ditto 2005 UK: 2005 ditto
The Lifeguard Little 2005 UK: 2005 ditto
The Angel Experiment Ditto 2005 UK: 2005 ditto
Maximum Ride Little 2005 UK: 2005 Headline
Cross Ditto 2006 UK: 2006 ditto
The 5th Horseman Brown 2006 UK: 2006 ditto
School's Out Forever Ditto 2006 UK: 2006 ditto
The Beach Road Ditto 2006 UK: 2006 ditto
Judge And Jury Little 2006 UK: 2006 ditto

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James Patterson is a hugely popular bestselling author who has sold millions of books worldwide. Readers are well catered for, huge print runs mean paperbacks and reading copies are readily available either brand new for for nominal sums secondhand. Collectors will only find the first three or four first editions problematic. They are uncommon and reasonably valuable, though not out of reach to the serious collector. I believe the the American editions have priority though the English edition are rarer.
If you are looking to buy or sell rare books then our antiquarian booksellers section may be of some assistance.

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