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Jack London, real name John Griffith Chaney, was born 12 January 1876, died 1916, was the author of the classic tales Call of the Wild and White Fang. His work has sold in huge numbers and he remains one of the world's best selling authors. Hardly surprising then that his is very collectable. Whilst he may not be as popular with readers as he once was, his standing amongst collectors is as high as ever. 1st editions are much sought after and the most famous titles attract considerable sums. Later titles can be found for less than one might imagine. As always the presence of the original dust jacket makes a huge difference in terms of value and collectability. In all but one case the American editions precede their English counterparts. There are a couple of alternative titles and we have duly noted these in the bibliography.
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Title   Date Notes
The Son of the Wolf Mifflin 1900 UK: [1900] Watt
The God of his Fathers McClure 1901 UK: [1913] Everett
Children of the Frost Macmillan 1902 UK: 1902 Macmillan
A Daughter of the Snows Lippincott 1902 UK: Ibister 1904
The Kempton Wace Letters Macmillan 1903 UK: 1903 Macmillan
The Call of the Wild As Above 1903 UK: 1903 ditto
The faith of Men As Above 1904 UK: 1904 ditto
The Sea Wolf Aylward 1904 UK: 1904 ditto
The Game Macmillan 1905 UK: 1905 as above
Tales of the Fish Patrol As Above 1905 UK: 1905 ditto
White Fang As Above 1906 UK: 1906 ditto
Moon Face As Above 1906 UK: 1906 as above
Before Adam As Above 1907 UK: 1907 ditto
The Iron Heel As Above 1908 UK: 1908 ditto
Martin Eden As Above 1909 UK: 1910 Heinemann
Burning Daylight As Above 1910 UK: 1911 Heinemann
Adventure As Above 1911 UK: 1911 Nelson
When God Laughs Macmillan 1911 UK: 1912 Boon
South Sea Tales As Above 1911 UK: 1912 ditto
The House of Pride As Above 1912 UK: 1914 Macmillan
A Son of the Sun Doubleday 1912 UK: 1912 Brown
Smoke Bellew Century 1912 UK: 1913 Mills
The Abysmal Brute Century 1913 UK: [1914] Newnes
The Night Born As Above 1913 UK: 1916 ditto
John Barleycorn As Above 1913 UK: 1914 Mills & Boon
The Valley of the Moon Macmillan 1913 UK: 1913 Mills
The Strength of the Strong As Above 1914 UK: 1917 Boon
The Mutiny of the Elsinore As Above 1914 UK: 1915 Boon
The Scarlet Plague As Above 1915 UK: 1915 as above
The Star Rover As Above 1915 UK: 1915 as The Jacket ditto
The Turtles of Tasman As Above 1916 UK: 1917 ditto
The Little Lady of the Big House As Above 1916 UK: 1916 Mills + Boon
Jerry of the Islands As Above 1917 UK: 1817 ditto
Michael Brother of Jerry As Above 1917 UK: 1918 as above
The Human Drift As Above 1917 UK: 1919 ditto
The Red One As Above 1918 UK: 1919 ditto
Hearts of Three Mills & Boon 1918 US: 1920 Macmillan
On the Makaloa Mat Macmillan 1919 UK: 1920 as Island Tales
Dutch Courage As Above 1922 UK: 1923 Mills & Boon
The Assassination Bureau McGraw 1963 UK: 1964 Deutsch


Title   Date Notes
The Cruise of the Dazzler Century 1902 UK: 1906 Hodder
The People of the Abyss Macmillan 1903 UK: 1903 Macmillan
War of the Classes As Above 1905 UK: 1905 Macmillan
Scorn of Women As Above 1906 UK: 1906 ditto
The Road As Above 1907 UK: 1914 Boon
Revolution and Other Essays As Above 1910 UK: 1920 ditto
Theft As Above 1910 UK: 1910 Macmillan
The Cruise of the Snark As Above 1911 UK: 1913 Mills
The Acorn Planter As Above 1916 UK: 1916 Mills

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