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Jack Kerouac, Jean Louis Lebris de Kerouac, was born on 12th March 1922 in Massachusetts USA. He lived in a French Canadian community and excelled at sports during his college years. In 1942 he joined the Navy but was totally unsuited to the discipline and in 1943 feigned insanity in order to get discharged. His foray into writing brought him into contact with Willima Burroughs, Ginsberg, Corso and Lucien Carr, all of whom were formative in the Beat movement. His private life was turbulent to say the least, the frantic life gave rise to his best known book On the Road, the epitome of the Beat Culture. Much has been written of his life and exploits which finally caught up with him in 1969 when he died of liver failure.
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Title Publisher Date Notes
The Town and the City Harcourt 1950 US
The Town and the City Eyre 1951 UK
On the Road Viking 1957 US
On the Road Deutsch 1958 UK
The Subterraneans Grove Press 1958 US
as above, ltd edition Grove Press 1958 US, 100 copies
The Subterraneans Deutsch 1962 UK
The Dharma Bums Viking 1958 US
The Dharma Bums Deutsch 1959 UK
Doctor Sax Grove Press 1959 US
as above, signed ltd Grove Press 1959 US 30 copies
Doctor Sax Evergreen 1961 UK paperback
4 Haikus Grecourt   US one leaf
Maggie Cassidy Avon 1959 US paperback
Maggie Cassidy Panther 1960 UK paperback
Mexico City Blues Grove Press 1959 US
as above, signed ltd ditto 1959 US 30 copies
Excerpts from Visions New Directions 1959 US, sgn ltd
Excerpts from Visions Deutsch 1973 UK
Hymn Jubilee 1959 US, magazine
Scripture of Golden Eternity Totem 1960 US, wraps
Tristessa Avon 1960 US paperback
Tristessa World 1963 UK paperback
Lonesome Traveller Hill 1960 US
Lonesome Traveller Deutsch 1962 UK
Rimbaud City Light 1960 US
Book of Dreams City Light 1960 US, wraps
Pull My Daisy Grove Press 1961 US, paperback
Pull My Daisy Evergreen 1961 UK paperback
Big Sur Straus 1962 US
Big Sur Deutsch 1963 UK
Poems Jubilee 1962 US, magazine
Visions of Gerard Straus 1963 US
Visions of Gerard Deutsch 1964 UK
Desolation Angels McCann 1965 US
Desolation Angels Deutsch 1966 UK
Satori in Paris Grove Press 1966 US
Satori in Paris Deutsch 1967 UK
A Pun for Al Gelpi private   US 100 copies
Hugo Weber Portents 1967 200 copies
Someday You'll be Lying Private 1968 US
Vanity of Dulouz McCann 1968 US
Vanity of Dulouz Deutsch 1969 UK
A Last Haiku Private 1969 US
Pic Grove 1971 US
Pic Deutsch 1973 UK
Scattered Poems City Lights 1971 US, wraps
Trip Trap Grey Fox 1973 US, wraps
Old Angel Midnight Unicorn 1976 UK, wraps
Old Angel Midnight Midnight 1985 US, wraps
Take Care of My Ghost Ghost Press 1977 US, wraps
Heaven Grey Fox 1977 US, wraps
Baby Driver St Martin's 1981 US
Baby Driver Deutsch 1981 UK
San Francisco Blues Beat Books 1983 US, wraps
Two Stories Red Car 1984 US, 100 copies
Great Western Bus Ride Red Car 1984 US, 100 copies
Celine Red Car 1985 US, 100 copies
Vision of the Hooded White Angels Red Car 1985 US, 100 copies
Home at Christmas Red Car nd US, 100 copies

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