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Title   Date Notes
I, Robot, Gnome 1950 UK: 1952 Grayson
Pebble in the Sky Doubleday 1950 UK: 1968 Sidgwick
The Stars Like Dust Doubleday 1951 UK: 1958 Panther pbo
Foundation Gnome 1951 UK: 1953 Weidenfeld
Foundation and Empire Gnome 1952 UK: 1962 Panther - wraps
The Currents of Space Doubleday 1952 UK: 1955 Boardman
Second Foundation Gnome 1953 UK: 1958 Digit, wrappers
The Caves of Steel Doubleday 1954 UK: 1954 Boardman
The End of Eternity Doubleday 1955 UK: 1959 Panther paperback
The Martian Way Ditto 1955 UK: 1964 Dobson
The Naked Sun Ditto 1957 UK: 1958 Joseph
Earth Is Room Enough Ditto 1957 UK: 1960 Panther pbo
The Death Dealers Avon 1958 Paperback original
Nine Tomorrows: Tales of the Near Future Doubleday 1959 UK: 1963 Dobson
The Rest of the Robots Ditto 1964 US: 1967 Dobson
Fantastic Voyage Houghton 1966 UK: 1966 Dobson
Through a Glass, Clearly NEL 1967 Softcover
Asimov's Mysteries Doubleday 1968 UK: 1969 Whiting
The Gods Themselves Doubleday 1972 UK: 1972 Gollancz
The Early Asimov Ditto 1972 UK: 1973 Gollancz
The Best of Isaac Asimov Jackson 1973 US: 1974 Doubleday
Tales of the Black Widowers Doubleday 1974 UK: 1975 Gollancz
Have You Seen These NESFA 1974 US signed limited edition
Buy Jupiter Doubleday 1975 UK: 1976 Gollancz
Murder at the ABA As Above 1976 UK: 1976 Gollancz
as Authorised Murder
The Bicentennial Man Ditto 1976 UK: 1977 Gollancz
More Tales of the Black Widowers Ditto 1976 UK: as above
The Dream; Benjamin's Dream Franklin 1976 Limited to 200 copies
Good Taste Apocalypse 1976  
The Key Word Walker 1977 UK: 1982 Piccolo pbo
Casebook of the Black Widowers Doubleday 1980 UK: 1980 Gollancz
Three Science Fiction Tales Targ 1981 250 signed copies
Foundation's Edge Doubleday 1982 UK: 1983 Granada
The Complete Robot Ditto 1982 UK: 1982 ditto
Robots of Dawn Ditto 1983 UK: 1984 Granada
The Winds of Change Ditto 1983 UK: 1983 ditto
Union Club Mysteries Ditto 1983 UK: 1984 ditto
Robots and Empire Ditto 1985 UK: 1985 Granada
The Edge of Tomorrow Tor 1985 UK: 1985 Harrap
It's Such a Beautiful Day Creative 1985 No dust jacket
Banquets of the Black Widowers Doubleday 1985 UK: 1985 Granada
Robot Dreams Berkley 1986 UK: 1987 Gollancz
Foundation and Earth Doubleday 1986 UK: 1986 Grafton
Other Worlds of Isaac Asimov Avenel 1987  
Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Britain Ditto 1987 UK: 1987 Grafton
Sally Creative 1988 No dustwrapper
Prelude to Foundation Doubleday 1988 UK: 1988 Grafton
Azazel Ditto 1988 UK: 1989 Doubleday
Nemesis Ditto 1989 UK: 1989 Doubleday
The Asimov Chronicles Dark Harvest 1989 UK: 1991 Century
US: signed limiteds also
All The Troubles of the World Creative 1989 No jacket issued
Franchise Ditto 1989 Ditto
Robbie Ditto 1989 Ditto
Nightfall and Other Stories Doubleday 1990 UK: 1990 Gollancz
as Nightfall Twenty SF Stories
Robot Visions NAL 1990 UK: 1990 Gollancz
Puzzles of the Black Widowers Doubleday 1990 UK: 1990 Doubleday
Child of Time Gollancz 1991 US: 1992 Doubleday
as The Ugly Little Boy
The Positronic Man Doubleday 1992 UK: 1992 Gollancz
Forward the Foundation Doubleday 1993 UK: 1993 Doubleday

Pseudonym Paul French

Juvenile Titles - USA
David Starr Space Ranger - Doubleday -1953
Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids - Doubleday 1954
Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus - Doubleday - 1954
Lucky Starr and the Big Sun of Mercury - Doubleday - 1956
Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter - Doubleday -1957
Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn - Doubleday - 1958

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Isaac Asimov, born 1920 to 1992, was born in Russia but raised in America. He remains one of the most important, influential and collectable authors in the science fiction genre. The early first editions are much sought after and quite valuable. American editions, for the most part, precede their English counterparts and the earlier titles are worth considerably more than the British first editions. Later titles are relatively common and can be obtained at very reasonable prices.
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