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Hugh Walpole, born 1884 died 1941, was a popular and acclaimed author in his day. His reputation was, and still remains to some extent, damaged Somerset Maugham's portrayal of him in Cakes and Ale (1930). The character, Alroy Kear, was depicted as an unpleasant and selfish literary opportunist. This caricature stuck with him and constantly returned in critical reviews of his work, it even went as far as his obituary in The Times. He remains best known today for the Lake series and the Herries Chronicle which are his only works to remain consistently in print.
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Title   Date Notes
The Wooden Horse Elder 1909  
Marradick at Forty Elder 1910  
Mr Perrin and Mr Traill Boon 1911 US: Doran 1911
The Prelude to Adventure Boon 1912 US: Century 1912
Fortitude Secker 1913 US: Doran 1913
The Duchess of Wrexe Secker 1914 US: Doran 1914
The Dark Forest Secker 1918 US: Doran 1916
The Green Mirror Macmillan 1918 US: Doran 1918
The Secret City Macmillan 1919 US: Doran 1919
Jeremy Cassell 1919 US: Doran 1919
The Captives Macmillan 1920 US: Doran 1920
The Young Enchanted Macmillan 1921 signed limited also printed
The Cathedral Macmillan 1922 US: Doran 1922
Jeremy and Hamlet Cassell 1923 US: Doran 1923
The Old Ladies Macmillan 1924 US: Doran 1924
Portrait of a Man with Red Hair Macmillan 1925 US: Doran 1925
Harmer John Macmillan 1926 US: Doran 1926
Jeremy at Crale Cassell 1927 US: Doran 1927
Wintersmoon Macmillan 1928 US: Doran 1928
Farthing Hall Macmillan 1929 with JB Priestly
Hans Frost Macmillan 1929 US: Doran 1929
Rogue Herries Macmillan 1939 US: Doran 1930
Above the Dark Circus Macmillan 1931 US: Above the Dark Tumult
Judith Paris Macmillan 1931 US: Doran 1931
The Fortress Macmillan 1932 US: Doran 1932
Vanessa Macmillan 1933  
Captain Nicholas Macmillan 1943 US: Doran 1934
The Inquisitor Macmillan 1935 US: Doran 1935
A Prayer for My Son Macmillan 1936 US: Doran 1936
John Cornelius Macmillan 1937 US: Doran 1937
The Joyful Delaneys Macmillan 1938 US: Doran 1938
The Sea Tower Macmillan 1939 US: Doran 1939
The Bright Pavilions Macmillan 1940 US: Doran 1940
The Blind Man's House Macmillan 1941 US: Doran 1941
The Killer and the Slain Macmillan 1942 US: Doran 1942
Katherine Christian Macmillan 1944 US: Doran 1944

Hugh Walpole Short Stories

Title   Date Notes
The Golden Scarecrow Cassell 1915 US: Doran 1915
The Thirteen Travellers Hutchinson 1921 US: Doran 1921
The Silver Thorn Macmillan 1928 US: Doran 1921
All Soul's Night Macmillan 1933 US: Doran 1921
Head in Green Bronze Macmillan 1938 US: Doran 1938
Mr Huffam Macmillan 1948  


Title   Date Notes
Joseph Conrad A Critical Study Nisbet 1916  
Hugh Walpole Anthology Dent 1921  
The Crystal Box Glasgow 1924 Signed limited
The English Novel CUP 1925  
Reading: An Essay Jarrolds 1928 US: Harpers 1926
Anthony Trollope Macmillan 1928 US ditto
My Religious Experience Benn 1928  
A Letter to a Modern Novelist Hogarth 1932  
The Waverley Pageant Eyre 1932  
The Apple Trees Cockerel 1932 sgn ltd
Extracts from a Diary Private 1934  
The Cathedral Macmillan 1937 Play
The Haxtons Deane 1939 Play
Roman Fountain Macmillan 1940 US: Doran 1940
Open Letter of an Optimist Macmillan 1941  

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