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H Rider Haggard, born 1856 to 1925, was a British author renowned for his heroic characters and adventurous books. His most famous titles are known to most. Even those uninterested in literature could not have missed the various film and television adaptations over the years. The first editions are extremely collectable today with pre 1900 titles being rare and valuable. The later titles tend to cost less than one might suppose, due largely to Haggard's great popularity the print runs were considerable. In most cases the English editions precede their American counterparts and tend to be more desirable, in terms of collectability and consequently value. The books were reprinted constantly, some showing few differences from the original first impression. We have listed the main issue points that we are aware of.
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Title   Date Notes
Dawn Blackett 1884 3 volumes. US: 1887 Appleton 2 vols, wraps
The Witch's Head Hurst 1885 3 vols. US: 1885 Appleton
King Solomon's Mines Cassell 1885 1st issue: p10 line14 Bamamgwato for Bamangwato. P122 line 27 'twins to live' for 'twins live'. Ads dated 5G.8.85
2nd issue: ads dated 5G.10.85
US: 1885 Cassell sheets with no ads
She Harper 1886 Wraps. UK: 1887 Longmans. 1st P269 line 38 'godness me'
Jess Elder 1887 US: 1887 Munro wrappers
Allan Quartermain Longmans 1887 1st no footnote on frontis. Large paper edition also. US: 1887 Harper
Maiwa's Revenge ditto 1888 US: 1888 Harper
Mr Meeson's Will Blackett 1888 1st 'Johnson for Johnston P284 line 1. Ads dated October 1888. US: 1888 Harper
Colonel Quaritch VC Longmans 1888 3 volumes. US: 1888 Lovell
Cleopatra ditto 1889 Cat' dated January 1889. 50 large paper copies also. US: 1889 Harper wrappers
Allan's Wife Spencer 1889 100 large paper copies as well
Beatrice Longmans 1890 US: 1890 George Munro
The World's Desire Ditto 1890 with Andrew Lang. US: 1890 Harper
Eric Brighteyes ditto 1891 US: 1891 Harper
Nada the Lily ditto 1892 US: 1892 Longmans
Montezuma's Daughter ditto 1893 US: 1893 ditto
The People of the Mist ditto 1894 US: 1894 ditto
Joan Haste ditto 1895 US: 1895 as above
Heart of the World ditto 1895 US: 1896 ditto
The Wizard Arrowsmith 1896 Wraps. US: 1896 Longmans
Doctor Therne Longmans 1898 US: 1898 ditto
Allan the Hunter Lothrop 1898 US only, no UK listed in British Library
Swallow Longmans 1899 US: 1899 Longmans
Black Heart White Heart ditto 1900 US: 1990 ditto, as Elissa
Lysbeth ditto 1901 US: 1901 Longmans
Pearl Maiden ditto 1903 US: 1903 ditto
Stella Fregelius ditto 1903 UK: 1904 ditto
The Brethren Cassell 1904 US: 1904 McClure Phillips
Ayesha Ward Lock 1905 US: 1905 Doubleday
The Way of the Spirit Hutchinson 1906  
Benita Cassell 1906 US: 1906 Longmans as The Spirit of Bambaste
Fair Margaret Hutchinson 1907 US: 1907 Longmans as Margaret
The Ghost Kings Cassell 1908 US: 1908 Lovell as The Lady of the Heavens
The Yellow God Cupples 1908 UK: 1909 Cassell
The Lady of Blossholme Hodder 1909  
Morning Star Cassell 1910 US: 1910 Longmans
Queen Sheba's Ring Eveleigh 1910 US: 1910 Doubleday
Red Eve Stoughton 1911 US: 1911 ditto
The Mahatma and the Hare Longmans 1911 US: 1911 Henry Holt
Marie Cassell 1912 US: 1912 Longmans
Child of Storm ditto 1913 US: 1913 ditto
The Wanderer's Necklace ditto 1914 US: 1914 ditto
The Holy Flower Ward Lock 1915 US: 1915 ditto
The Ivory Child Cassell 1916 US: 1916 ditto
Finished Ward Lock 1917 US: 1917 ditto
Love Eternal Cassell 1918 US: 1918 as above
Moon of Israel Murray 1918 US: 1918 ditto
When the World Shook Cassell 1919 US: 1919 ditto
The Ancient Allan ditto 1920 US: 1920 ditto
Smith and the Pharaohs Arrowsmith 1920 US: 1920 ditto
She and Allan Longmans 1921 UK: 1921 Hutchinson
The Virgin of the Sun Cassell 1922 US: 1922 Doubleday
Wisdom's Daughter Hutchinson 1923 US: 1923 ditto
Heu Heu ditto 1924 US: 1924 ditto
Queen of the Dawn Doubleday 1925 UK: 1925 Hutchinson
The Treasure of the Lake Hutchinson 1926 US: 1926 Doubleday
Allan and the Ice Gods Doubleday 1927 UK: 1927 Hutchinson
Mary of Marion Isle Hutchinson 1929 US: 1929 Doubleday
Belshazzar Stanley Paul 1930 US: 1930 ditto


Title   Date Notes
Cetywayo and His White Neighbours Trubner 1882  
An Heroic Effort   1893 Wrappers, not in British Library
Church and State   1895 Ditto
East Norfolk Representation   1895 Ditto
Lord Kimberly in Norfolk   1895 Ditto
Speeches of the Earl of Iddesleigh NSPCC ND Wraps
A Visit to Victoria Hospital   1897 ditto
A Farmer's Year Longmans 1899 100 large paper also
The Last Boer War Kegan 1899 US: as A History of the Transvaal
A Winter Pilgrimage Longmans 1901  
Rural England ditto 1902 Two volumes
Rural Denmark ditto 1902  
A Gardener's Year ditto 1905  
The Poor and the Land ditto 1905  
The Real Wealth of England Dr Barnados 1908 Softcover
The Royal Commission on Coastal Erosion HMSO 1907 to 1911 3 parts
Regeneration Longmans 1910  
Letter to the Right Honorable Lewis Harcourt HMSO 1913 Wraps two volumes
A Call to Arms   1914 Wrappers
The After War Settlement and Employment of Ex-Servicemen St Catherine 1916 Softcover
The Salvation Army   1920 ditto
The days of My Life Longmans 1926 Two volumes. US: 1926 Longmans
A Note on Religion Ditto 1927  

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