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HP Lovecraft, born 1890, is perhaps one of the most collectable authors in the macabre genre though very little of his work was published during his lifetime. When he died in 1937 he was virtually unknown, only the readers of Weird Tales being familiar with his work. He was encouraged to write and publish but wrote for his own amusement rather than commercial gain. The fact that his name is still alive today is thanks in no small measure to his friends who have collated unpublished works and letters. First editions are keenly sought by collectors with early titles being rare books and commanding high prices.
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Title Publisher Date Notes
HPL Stickney 1937 US. 25 copies, wraps
History of the Necronomicon Rebel 1938 US. pamphlet
Notes and the Commomplace Book Futile 1938 US. no dw
The Outsider and Others Arkham House 1939 US
Fungi from Yuggoth Evans 1943 US. pamphlet
Beyond the Wall of Sleep   1943 US
The weird Shadow over Innsmouth Bart house 1944 US. paperback
Marginalia   1944 US
The Dunwich Horror and Other Weird Tales Armed Services 1945 US. paperback
Best Supernatural Stories Tower 1945 US
The Dunwich Horror Bart 1945 US. paperback
Supernatural Horror in Literature Abramson 1945 US. no dw
The Lurker at the Threshold   1945 US
The Lurker at the Threshold Museum Press 1948 UK
The Lurking Fear and Other Stories Avon 1947 US. paperback
Cry Horror (as above) World 1958 UK
Something About Cats   1949 US
The Haunter of the Dark Gollancz 1951 UK
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward Gollancz 1951 UK
The Lovecraft Collectors Library SSR 1952-55 US, 7 volumes,75 sets
The Curse of Yig   1953 US. by Zealia B Bishop
The Challenge from Beyond Evans 1954 US
The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath Shroud 1955 US. 50 copies in cloth, rest in wrappers
The Survivor and Others   1957 US. finished by Derleth
The Shuttered Room and Other Pieces   1959 US
Dreams and Fancies   1962 US
Some Notes on a Nonentity   1963 US
The Dunwich Horror and Others   1963 US
Collected Poems   1963 US
At the Mountains of Madness   1964 US
At the Mountains of Madness Gollancz 1966 UK
The Colour out of Space Lancer 1964 US. paperback
Dagon and Other Macabre Tales   1965 US
Dagon and Other Macabre Tales Gollancz 1967 UK
Selected Letters Vol I   1965 US
The Dark Brotherhood   1965 US
Three Tales of Horror   1967 US
Selected Letters Vol II   1968 US
The Shadow Out of Time Gollancz 1968 UK
Ex Oblivione, Memory, Nyarlatholep, WHat the Moon Brings Squires 1969-70 US, 4 booklets
The Horror in the Museum   1970 US
The Doom that Came to Sarnath Ballantine 1970 US. paperback
Selected Letters Vol III   1971 US
EC'H-PI-EL Speaks de la Ree 1972 US. 25 cloth, 475 in wraps
The Watchers Out of Time   1974 US. completed by Derleth
Lovecraft at Last Clark 1975 US
Medusa A Portrait Oliphant 1975 US. 500 copies, wraps
The Occult Lovecraft de la Ree 1975 US. 125 cloth, 990 in wraps
Selected Letters IV   1976 US
Selected Letters V   1976 US
To Quebec and the Stars Grant 1976 US
Antarktos Fantome 1977 US. 150 copies, wraps
A Winter Wish Whispers 1977 US. 200 sgn ltd, 2,000 trade copies
Uncollected Prose and Poetry Vol I Necronomicon 1978 US. paperback
Uncollected Prose and Poetry Vol II Necronomicon 1980 US. paperback
Uncollected Prose and Poetry Vol III Necronomicon 1982 US. paperback
Ashes and Others Miskatonic 1983 US. paperback
Juveilia 1895-1905 Necronomicon 1984 US. paperback
Saturnalia and Other Poems Crypt 1984 US. paperback
Uncollected Letters Necronomicon 1986 US. paperback
Medusa and Other Poems Crypt 1986 US. paperback

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