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Henry Williamson was born in London in 1895 and is best remembered today for Tarka the Otter, though as can be seen he was a prolific and successful author. He fought in World War I, indeed his regiment took part in the famous Christmas Day truce in 1914. His second masterpiece is generally regarded to be Salar the Salmon which remains today a classic title. The author passed away in 1977.
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The Flax of Dream by Henry Williamson
Title   Date Notes
The Beautiful Years Collins 1921 signed limited also available
Dandelion Days Collins 1922 signed limited also available
Dream of Fair Women Collins 1924 signed limited also available
The Pathway Collins 1928 signed limited also available
The Flax of Dream Faber 1936 Omnibus. signed limited also available

The Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight
Title   Date Notes
The Dark Lantern Macdonald 1951  
Donkey Boy Macdonald 1952  
Young Phillip Maddison Macdonald 1953  
How Dear is Life Macdonald 1954  
A Fox Under my Cloak Macdonald 1955  
The Golden Virgin Macdonald 1957  
Love and Loveless Macdonald 1958  
A Test to Destruction Macdonald 1960  
The Innocent Moon Macdonald 1961  
It was the Nightingale Macdonald 1962  
The Power of the Dead Macdonald 1963  
The Phoenix Generation Macdonald 1965  
A Solitary War Macdonald 1966  
Lucifer before Sunrise Macdonald 1967  
The Gale of the World Macdonald 1969  

The Animal Stories
Title   Date Notes
The Peregrine's Saga Collins 1923 limited to 600 copies
The Old Stag Putnam 1926  
Tarka the Otter Putnam 1927 true first private print 100 copies signed in velum
Stumberleaf Putnam 1928 not dated, wrappers
Salar the Salmon Faber 1935  
Collected Nature Stories Putnam 1946 5 volumes
Scribbling Lark Faber 1949  
Collected Nature Stories Macdonald 1970 omnibus
The Scandaroon Macdonald 1972 signed limited also available
Animal Saga Macdonald 1974 anthology

Other Fiction by Henry Williamson
Title   Date Notes
Linhay on the Downs Elkin 1929  
The Ackymals Windosr USA 1929  
The Village Book Cape 1930  
The Patriots Progress Bles 1930  
The Star Born Faber 1933  
The Labouring Life Cape 1932  
On Foot in Devon Maclehose 1933  
The gold Falcon Faber 1933  
Devon Holiday Cape 1935  
Sun in the Sands Faber 1945  
Life in a Devon Village Faber 1945  
Tales of a Devon Village Faber 1945  
The Phasian Bird Faber 1948  
Tales of Moorland Macdonald 1953  
In the Woods St Alberts 1960  

Non Fiction
Title   Date Notes
The Lone Swallows Collins 1922  
The Wet Flanders Plain Beaumont 1929  
Wild Red Deer of Exmoor Faber 1931  
Goodbye West Country Putnam 1937  
Children of Shallowford Faber 1939  
As the Sun Shines Faber 1941  
Story of a Norfolk Farm Faber 1941  
Genius of Friendship Faber 1941  
Norfolk Life Faber 1943  
A Clear Water Stream Faber 1958  

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