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Henry James was born in New York on April 15th 1843, the son of a writer. He had a literary childhood meeting many of the great writers both in America and Europe. Being educated in Switzerland and Harvard for a career in law, Henry James abandoned his studies in order to write. Some of his work met initially with a mixed response though Portrait of a Lady and The Bostonians are still regarded as classics of 19th century literature. Collectors of first editions have their work cut out as most of the first issue print runs were sub 2,000 copies and they are, naturally, highly sought after by collectors.
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Title Publisher Date Notes
Roderick Hudson Macmillan 1879 3 volumes.
The American Macmillan 1879 originally released by Ward Lock in [1877], an unauthorised yellowback
Watch and Ward Macmillan 1878 UK edition stamped Truber & Co on title page
The Europeans Macmillan 1878 2 volumes
Confidence Macmillan 1880 2 volumes [1879]
Washington Square Macmillan 1881 2 volumes
Portrait of a Lady Macmillan 1881 3 volumes
The Bostonians Macmillan 1886 3 volumes
Princess Casamassima Macmillan 1886 3volumes
The Reverberator Macmillan 1888 2 volumes
The Tragic Muse Macmillan 1890 2 volumes
The Other house Heinemann 1896  
Spoils of Poynton Heinemann 1897  
What Maisie Knew Heinemann 1897  
In the Cage Duckworth 1898  
The Awkward Age Heinemann 1899  
The Sacred Fount Methuen 1901  
Wings of the Dove Constable 1902  
The Ambassadors Methuen 1903  
The Golden Bowl Methuen 1905  
The Ivory Tower Collins 1917  
Sense of the Past Collins 1917 Unfinished

The Novellas & Short Stories of Henry James
Title Publisher Date Notes
Daisy Miller Macmillan   2 volumes
Madonna of the Future Macmillan   2 volumes
Tales of Three Cities Macmillan    
Stories Revived Macmillan   3 volumes
The Aspern Papers Macmillan   2 volumes
A London Life Macmillan   2 volumes
Lesson of the Master Macmillan    
The Real thing Macmillan    
The Private Life McIlvaine    
Terminations Heinemann    
Embarrassments Heinemann    
The Two Magics Heinemann    
The Soft Side Methuen    
The Better Sort Methuen    
The Finer Grain Methuen   not dated
The Outcry Methuen 1911 not dated
A Small Boy Macmillan 1913  
Notes of a Son Macmillan 1914 US edition
Stories of the Supernatural Jenkins 1971  

The Plays of Henry James
Title Publisher Date Notes
Theatricals Two Comedies McIlvaine 1894  
Theatrical Second Series McIlvaine 1895  
Complete Play of Henry James Davis 1949  

The Non Fiction of Henry James
Title Publisher Date Notes
French Poets and Novelists Macmillan 1878  
Hawthorne Macmillan 1879  
Portraits of Places Macmillan 1883  
Partial Portraits Macmillan 1888  
Essays in London Mcilvaine 1893  
A Little Tour in France Heinemann 1900  
William Whetmore Blackwood 1903  
English Hours Heinemann 1905  
The American Scene Chapman 1907  
Italian Hours Heinemann 1909  
Notes on Novelists Dent 1914  
The Middle Years Collins 1917 not dated
Within the Rim Collins 1919 not dated
Letters of Henry James Macmillan 1920 2 volumes
The Painter's Eye Davis 1956  
House of Fiction Davis 1957  

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