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Herbert Ernest Bates was born on 16th May 1905 and became one of England's finest 'rural' or countryside writers. A very prolific author, possibly best remembered for The Darling Buds of May. In 1973 he was awarded the CBE and passed away in 1974.
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Title   Date Notes
The Two Sisters Cape 1926  
The Last Bread Labour 1926 Play
Catherine Foster Cape 1929  
Charlotte's Row Cape 1931  
The Fallow Land Cape 1932  
The Poacher Cape 1935  
The House of Women Cape 1936  
Spella Ho Cape 1938  
Fair Stood the Wind Joseph 1944  
The Cruise of the Breadwinner Joseph 1946  
The Purple Plain Joseph 1947  
The Jacaranda Tree Joseph 1949  
The Scarlet Sword Joseph 1950  
Love for Lydia Joseph 1952  
The Feast of July Joseph 1954  
The Sleepless Moon Joseph 1957  
The Darling Buds of May Joseph 1958  
A Breath of French Air Joseph 1959  
When the Green Woods Laugh Joseph 1960  
The Day of the Tortoise Joseph 1961  
The Crown of Wild Myrtle Joseph 1962  
Oh to be in England Joseph 1963  
A Moment in Time Joseph 1963  
The Distant Horns of Summer Joseph 1967  
A Little of what You Fancy Joseph 1970  
The Triple Echo Joseph 1970  

Short Stories by HE Bates
Title   Date Notes
The Spring Song Archer 1927 100 copies
Day's End Cape 1928  
Song for December Private 1928 Poetry
Seven Tales and Alexander Scholastic 1929 1,000 copies
The Hessian Prisoner Jackson 1930  
The Tree Lahr 1930 wraps
Christmas 1930 Private 1930 Poetry
Mrs Esmond's Life Private 1931 50 copies
A German Idyll Cockerel 1932 307 copies
The Black Boxer Pharos 1932 100 copies
Sally Go Round the Moon White Owl 1932  
Story Without End White Owl 1932  
The House with the Apricot Cockerel 1933 300 copies
The Women who had Imagination Cape 1934  
Thirty Tales Cape 1934  
The Duet Grayson 1935 285 copies
Cut and Come Again Cape 1935  
Something Short and Sweet Cape 1937  
My Uncle Silas Cape 1939  
The Flying Goat Cape 1939  
Country Tales RU 1938 Tissue DW
The Beauty of the Dead Cape 1940  
The Greatest People in the World Cape 1943 as Flying Officer X
How Sleep the Brave Cape 1942 as Flying Officer X
The Bride Comes to Evenford Cape 1943  
The Day of Glory Joseph 1945 Play
Thirty-One Selected Tales Cape 1947  
Dear Life Joseph 1950  
Colonel Julian Joseph 1951  
Twenty Tales Cape 1951  
The Nature of Love Joseph 1953  
The Daffodil Sky Joseph 1955  
Sugar for the Horse Joseph 1957  
Death of a Huntsman Joseph 1957  
The Watercress Girl Joseph 1959  
An Aspidistra in Babylon Joseph 1960  
Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal Joseph 1961  
The Golden Oriole Joseph 1962  
Seven by Five Joseph 1963  
The Fabulous Mrs V Joseph 1964  
The Wedding Party Joseph 1965  
The Wild Cherry Tree Joseph 1968  
The Four Beauties Joseph 1968  
The Song of the Wren Joseph 1972  
The Yellow Meads of Asphodel Joseph 1976  

Children's Books - HE Bates
Title   Date Notes
The Seekers Bumpus 1926  
The Season and the Gardener CUP 1940  
Achilles and the Donkey Dobson 1962  
Achilles and Diana Dobson 1963  
Achilles and the Twins Dobson 1964  
The White Admiral Dobson 1968  

Non Fiction - HE Bates
Title   Date Notes
Threshing Day Foyles 1931 300 copies
Flowers and Faces Cockerel 1932 300 copies
Through the Woods Gollancz 1936  
The Modern Short Story Nelson 1940  
In the Heart of the Country Country Life 1942  
More than Happy Countryman Country Life 1943  
Country Life Penguin 1943 pbo
The Tinkers of Elston Private 1946 300 copies
The Country Heart Joseph 1949  
Edward Garnett Parrish 1950  
Flower Gardening CUP 1950 pbo
Country of Wild Clover Joseph 1952  
The Face of England Batsford 1952  
The Vanished World Joseph 1969  
The Blossoming World Joseph 1971  
A Love of Flowers Joseph 1971  
The World in Ripeness Joseph 1972  
Fountain of Flowers Joseph 1974  

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