Gore Vidal Bibliography

US - UK First Edition Books

A Collectors Reference Guide

Title   Date Notes
Williwaw Dutton 1946 UK: 1970 Heinemann
In a Yellow Wood As Above 1947 UK: 1979 Heinemann
The City and The Pillar Dutton 1948 UK: 1949 Lehmann
The Season of Comfort As Above 1949  
A Search for The King As Above 1950 UK: 1967 NEL, wraps
Dark Green, Bright Red Dutton 1950 UK: 1950 Lehmann
The Judgement of Paris As Above 1952 UK: 1953 Heinemann
Death in The Fifth Position Dutton 1952 as Edgar Box. UK: 1954 ditto
Death Before Bedtime Ditto 1953 as Edgar Box. UK: 1954 ditto
Death Likes It Hot Ditto 1954 as Edgar Box. UK: 1955 ditto
Messiah Dutton 1954 UK: 1955 Heinemann
A Thirst Evil Zero 1956 UK: 1958 as above
Williwaw, A Thirsty Evil Signet 1962 Wraps
Julian Brown 1964 UK: 1964 Heinemann
Washington, D.C. Little 1967 UK: 1967 as above
Myra Breckinridge Ditto 1968 UK: 1968 Blond
Two Sisters: A Memoir in the Form of a Novel Ditto 1970 UK: 1970 Heinemann
Burr Random 1973 UK: 1974 as above
Myron Ditto 1974 UK: 1975 as above
1876 Random 1976 UK: 1976 as above
Katki Ditto 1978 UK: 1978 as above
Creation Ditto 1981 UK: 1981 as above
Duluth Random 1983 UK: 1983 as above
Lincoln Ditto 1984 UK: 1984 as above
The Ladies in the library Eurographica 1985 350 signed copies
Empire Random 1987 UK: 1987 Deutsch
Hollywood Ditto 1990 UK: 1990 Deutsch
View from The Diner's Club Ditto 1991 UK: 1991 Deutsch
Live from Golgotha Ditto 1992 UK: 1992 Deutsch
The Smithsonian Institute Random 1998 UK: 1998 Little Brown
The Golden Age Doubleday 2000 UK: 2000 Little Brown

Gore Vidal - Miscellaneous

Title   Date Notes
Visit to a Small Planet Brown 1956  
The Best Man Brown 1960  
Three Plays Heinemann 1962  
Romulus DPS 1962 Softcover
Rocking The Boat Little 1965  
Weekend: A Comedy in Two Acts DPS 1968 Wraps
Sex, Death and Money Bantam 1968 PBO
Reflections Upon a Sinking Ship Brown 1969 UK: 1969 Heinemann
An Evening with Richard Nixon Random 1972  
Homage to Daniel Shays Ditto 1972 UK: 1974 Heinemann
Matters of Fact and Fiction Ditto 1977 UK: 1977 as above
Great American Families Norton 1977 UK: 1977 Times
The Second American Revolution House 1982  
Vidal in Venice Weidenfeld 1984 US: 1985 Summit
Armageddon? Deutsch 1987 US: 1988 as At Home
Screening History HUP 1992 UK: 1992 Deutsch
United States: Essays Deutsch 1993  
Palimpsest Random 1995 UK: 1995 Deutsch
Virgin Islands Deutsch 1997  

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Gore Vidal, born 1925, is something of a modern legend in American literature and essay work. Often courting controversy, he remains a favourite amongst readers and collectors. As usual, the early titles are the rarest and most valuable. Most of the books in this bibliography are of value, though most of the later titles can be picked up for very reasonable sums.
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