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F Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24 1896 and is regarded not only as one of America's greatest novelists but the supreme chronicler of the 1920's Jazz Age. He had a comfortable, though not wealthy, upbringing though he lived somewhat in a fantasy and was ashamed of his family's lack of wealth and standing. He went to Princeton but failed to graduate, spending too much time writing, eventually being forced to leave and take a commission in the army. He later met his wife to be Zelda, a beautiful, daring and vivacious woman whom he fell helplessly in love with, whilst she reciprocated his feelings she refused to marry him due to his financial situation. This fuelled a desperate bid to get work published though with little success until the acceptance of his first novel. Their subsequent lavish lifestyle and over indulgence became the talk of the town. The lifestyle took its toll, personally, physically and financially, they were living constantly beyond their means and to make matters worse Zelda started to have mental problems, eventually being hospitalised. Fitzgerald died from a heart attack in 1940.
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Title Publisher Date Notes
This Side of Paradise Collins 1921 tan cloth black lettering or blue/gilt
The Beautiful and the Damned Collins 1922  
The Great Gatsby Chatto 1926  
Tender is the Night Chatto 1934  
The Last Tycoon Grey Walls 1949  

Short Stories
Title Publisher Date Notes
Flappers and Philosophers Collins 1922  
Tales of the Jazz Age Collins 1923  

F Scott Fitzgerald US Bibliography
Title Publisher Date Notes
This Side of Paradise Scribners 1920  
Flappers and Philosophers Scribners 1920  
The Beautiful and Damned Scribners 1922  
Tales of the Jazz Age Scribners 1922  
The Vegetable Scribners 1923  
The Great Gatsby Scribners 1925 1st issue has 'sick in tired' on line 9 p205, dj has a lower case'j' to rear panel
All the Sad Young Men Scribners 1926  
Tender is the Night Scribners 1934  
Taps at Reveille Scribners 1935  
The Last Tycoon Scribners 1941  
The Crack Up New Directions 1945  
The Stories of.. Scribners 1951  
Afternoon of an Author Scribners 1957  
The Pat Hobby Stories Scribners 1962  
The Letters of.. Scribners 1963  
The Apprentice Fiction Rutgers 1965  
In His Own Time Kent University 1971  
Dear Scott Dear Max Scribners 1971  
As Ever Scot Fitz Lippincott 1972  
The Basil and Josephine Stories Scribners 1973  
Bits of Paradise Scribners 1974  
The price was High Harcourt 1979  
The Correspondence of  .. Random House 1980  

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