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Children's Books

Title   Date Notes
Little Lord Fauntleroy Scribner's 1886 1st issue='De Vinne' imprint
UK: 1886 Warne
Sara Crewe; or What Happened at Miss Minchin's Unwin 1887 US: 1888 Scribner's
Editha's Burglar Marsh 1888  
Little Saint Elizabeth Scribner's 1890 UK: 1890 Warne
Children I Have Known McIlvaine 1891 Not dated
The One I Knew the Best of All Scribner's 1893 UK: 1893 Warne
The Captain's Youngest and Other Stories Warne 1894 US: 1894 Scribner's
as Piccino and Other Child Stories
Two Little Pilgrims' Progress Scribner's 1895 UK: 1895 Warne
A Little Princess Scribner's 1905 UK: 1905 Warne
Racketty Packetty House Century 1906 UK: 1907 Warne
The Troubles of Queen Silver-Bell Century 1907 UK: 1907 Warne
The Cozy Lion Century 1907 UK: 1972 Stacey
The Spring Cleaning Ditto 1909 UK: 1973 Stacey
The Land of the Blue Flower Moffat 1909 UK: 1912 Putnam
The Secret Garden Stokes 1911 UK: 1911 Heinemann
My Robin Stokes 1912 UK: 1913 GP Putnam
The Lost Prince Century 1915 UK: 1915 Hodder & Stoughton
The Little Hunchback Zia Stokes 1916 UK: 1916 Heinemann

Adult Novels

Title   Date Notes
That Lass O'Lowrie's: A Lancashire Story Warne 1877 UK: undated
US: 1887 Scribner's
Surly Tim and Other Stories Scribner's 1877 UK: [1877] Ward Lock
Dolly: A Love Story Porter 1877 UK: [1877] Routledge
Theo: A Love Story Peterson 1877 UK: [1877] Ward Lock
Pretty Polly Pemberton Peterson 1877 UK: 1878 Routledge
Earlier Stories Scribner's 1878 Two volumes
Our Neighbour Opposite Routledge 1878 Not dated. No American
Kathleen: A Love Story Ditto 1878 UK: 1878 Routledge
Miss Crespigny Ditto 1878 UK: [1878] Routledge
Lindsay's Luck Scribner's 1878 UK: 1979 Routledge
A Quiet Life and The Tide on the Moaning Bar Peterson 1878 UK: [1879] Routledge
Haworth's Scribner's 1879 UK: BL has no copy
Natalie Warne 1879 Undated. No US edition
Louisiana Scribner's 1880  
A Fair Barbarian Osgood 1881 UK: [1881] Warne
Through One Administration Osgood 1883 UK: 1883 Warne 3 vols
A Woman's Will or Miss Defarge Warne 1887 No US
The Fortunes of Philippa Fairfax Warne 1888 As above
The Pretty Sister of Jose Scribner's 1889 UK: 1889 Blackett. Wraps
A Lady of Quality Ditto 1896 US: 1896 Warne
His Grace of Ormonde Ditto 1897 UK: 1897 Warne
In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim Ditto 1899 UK: 1899 Warne
The Making of a Marchioness Stokes 1901 UK: 1901 Smith Elder
The Methods of Lady Walderhurst Stikes 1901 UK: 1902 Smith Elder
In the Closed Room McClure 1904 UK: 1904 H&S
The Dawn of Tomorrow Scribner's 1906 UK: 1907 Warne
The Shuttle Stokes 1907 UK: 1907 Heinemann
T. Tembarom Century 1913 UK: [1913] H&S
The White People Harper 1917 UK: 1920 Heinemann
The Head of the House of Coombe Stokes 1922 UK: 1922 Heinemann
Robin Ditto 1922 UK: 1922 as above

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Frances Hodgson Burnett, born 1849 to 1924, is a very important author. She is best known for her children's books, several of which have been adapted for film and television. Many of the first editions are surprisingly cheap. That said, the key titles which everybody recognizes do fetch considerably higher sums. Whilst some are relatively expensive they are not beyond the reach of a committed collector with a sensible budget. Priority swaps between the English and American first editions. Differences in values are evened out when US has preference because the British editions have much lower print runs, hence rarer books.
If you are looking to buy or sell rare books then our antiquarian booksellers section may be of some assistance.

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