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Ford Madox Ford was born in 1873 and died in 1939. Many of his book were not published in the US, though most later titles were, some precede the UK editions. The bibliography shows UK editions first, US precedence, when applicable, is noted directly or implied by date. UK editions tend to be more collectable than their US counterparts, therefore usually more valuable.
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Title   Date Notes
The Shifting of the Fire Unwin 1892 as H Ford Hueffer
The Brown Owl Unwin 1892 as H Ford Hueffer, US: Putnam 1892
The Cinque Ports Blackwood 1900  
Rossetti Duckworth [1902] US: Dutton 1902
The Benefactor Langham 1905  
The Soul of London Alston 1905  
The Heart of the Country Duckworth 1906  
The Fifth Queen Alston 1906 US: Vanguard, nd
Privy Seal Alston 1907  
An English Girl Methuen 1907  
The Fifth Queen Crowned Nash 1908  
Mr Apollo Methuen 1908  
The Half Moon Nash 1909 US: Doubleday 1909
A Call Chatto 1910  
The Portrait Methuen 1910  
The Critical Attitude Duckworth 1911 as Ford Madox Hueffer
The Simple Life Limited Lane 1911 as Daniel Chaucer
Ladies Whose Bright Eyes Constable 1911 US: Doubleday 1912
The Panel Constable 1912 US: Ring for Nancy, 1913 Bobbs
The New Humpty Dumpty Lane 1912 as Daniel Chaucer
Henry James Secker 1913 US: Mead 1916
Mr Fleight Latimer 1913  
The young Lovell Chatto 1913  
Between St Dennis and St George Hodder 1915  
The Good Soldier Lane 1915 US: Lane 1915
Zeppelin Nights Lane 1915 with Violet Hunt
The Marsden Case Duckworth 1923  
Women and Men Paris 1923 Wraps, 300 copies
Mr Bosphorous Duckworth 1923 Signed ltd also done
Some Do Not Duckworth 1924 US: Seltzer 1925
No More Parades Duckworth 1925 US: Boni 1925
A an Could Stand Up Duckworth 1926 US: Boni 1926
New York is Not America Duckworth 1927 US: Boni 1927
New York Essays Rudge 1927 US only, 750 signed copies
New Poems Rudge 1927 Signed limited US only
Last Post Duckworth 1928 US: 1928, precedes
A Little Less Than Gods Duckworth [1928] US: Viking 1928
No Enemy Macaulay 1929 US only
The English Novel Constable 1930 US: Lippincott 1929
When the Wicked Man Cape 1932 US: Liveright 1931
The Rash Act Cape 1933 US: Long 1933, precedes
Henry for Hugh Lippincott 1934 US only
Provence .. Unwin 1935 US: Lippincott 1935
Great Trade Route OUP 1937  
Vive Le Roy Unwin 1937 US: Lippincott 1936
The March of Literature Dial 1938 US only
Selected Poems Randall 1971 Limited edition
Your Mirror to My Times Holt 1971 US only

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