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Fay Weldon, born 1933, is both a popular novelist and writer for television dramas. She is probably best known for The Life and loves of a She Devil, was was successfully adapted for TV. She is a collected author and all of the book in this bibliography will be of some value. The good news for collectors is that, apart from the first book, they are all very reasonably priced. Even The Fat Woman's Joke is not overly expensive. There are a few alternative titles, all duly noted, and occasionally the precedence between English and American editions swaps. Generally speaking though, British edition precede and are of greater value and interest.
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Title   Date Notes
The Fat Woman's Joke Kee 1967 US: 1968 McKay as Wife Ran Away
Down Among the Women Heinemann 1971 US: 1972 St Martin's
Female Friends St Martin's 1974 UK: 1975 Heinemann
Remember Me Hodder 1976 US: 1976 Random House
Words of Advice Random 1977 UK: 1977 H&S as Little Sisters
Praxis Hodder 1978 US: 1978 Summit
Puffball Stoughton 1980 US: 1980 Summit
Watching Me Watching You As Above 1981 US: 1981 ditto
The President's Child As Above 1982 US: 1983 Doubleday
The Life and loves of a She Devil As Above 1983 US: 1984 Pantheon
Letters to Alice Rainbird 1984 US: 1985 Taplinger
Rebecca West Penguin 1985 Paperback original
Polaris H&S 1985 US: 1989 Penguin, wraps
The Shrapnel Academy As Above 1986 US: 1987 Viking
The Heart of the Country Century 1987 US: 1988 ditto
The Hearts and Lives of Men Heinemann 1987 US: 1988 ditto
The Rules of Life Hutchinson 1987 US: 1987 Harper
Leader of the Band Hodder 1988 US: 1989 Viking
Wolf The Mechanical Dog Collins 1988  
The Cloning of Joanna May Collins 1989 US: 1990 ditto
Party Puddle As Above 1989  
Sacred Cows Chatto 1989 Wraps
Darcy's Utopia Collins 1990 US: 1991 as above
Moon Over Minneapolis As Above 1991  
A Question of Timing Colophon 1992 Limited edition
Growing Rich Collins 1992  
Life Force As Above 1992 US: 1992 Viking
Natural Love As Above 1993  
Trouble Viking 1993 UK: 1994 Harper as Affliction
Angel All Innocence Bloomsbury 1995 Softcover
Splitting Collins 1995 US: 1995 AMP
Wicked Women As Above 1995 US: 1997 as above
Worst Fears As Above 1996 US: 1996 AMP
Nobody Likes Me Bodley 1997  
Big Women Collins 1997 US: 1997 AMP as Big Girls Don't Cry
A Hard Time to Be a Father As Above 1998 US: 199 Bloomsbury
Godless in Eden Flamingo 1999  
Rhode Island Blues Flamingo 2000 US: 2000 AMP
The Bulgari Connection As Above 2001 US: 2001 ditto
Nothing to Wear Nowhere to Hide As Above 2002  
Auto Da Fay A Memoir As Above 2002  

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