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Eric Linklater, born in Wales 1899, moved to Scotland whilst a child. He had interesting parents, his father was a mater mariner and his mother was reputed locally to be a witch! His connections with Orkney had a huge influence on both himself and his writing. The books are still appreciated today, both by readers and collectors. Our own personal experience in selling his first editions was always positive, whilst not fetching huge sums they always sold well. The proliferation of the internet has reduced prices, at the time of writing, as it has with so many authors. That said all the books listed in this bibliography-checklist are of interest and early titles in dust jackets certainly qualify as rare and do attract a decent premium, as well they ought!.
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Title   Date Notes
White Maa's Saga Jonathan Cape 1929  
Poet's Pub As Above 1929  
Juan in America As Above 1931  
The Men of Ness As Above 1932  
The Crusader's Key White Owl 1933  
The Revolution White Owl 1934  
Magnus Merriman Cape 1934  
Ripeness is all As Above 1935  
God Likes them Plain As Above 1935  
Juan in China As Above 1937  
The Sailor's Holiday As Above 1937  
The Impregnable Women As Above 1938  
Judas As Above 1939  
Private Angelo As Above 1946  
Sealskin Trousers Hart Davis 1947 Limited ed' also
A Spell for Old Bones Cape 1949  
Mr Byculla Hart Davis 1950  
Laxdale Hall Cape 1951  
The House of Gair As Above 1953  
The Faithful Ally As Above 1954  
The Dark of Summer As Above 1956  
A Sociable Plover Davis 1957 Limited edition also
Position at Noon Cape 1958 Limited edition also
The Merry Muse As Above 1959  
Roll of Honour Hart Davis 1961  
Husband of Delilah Macmillan 1962  
A Man Over Forty As Above 1963  
A Terrible Freedom As Above 1966  
The Stories of Eric Linklater As Above 1968  

Verse & Others

Title   Date Notes
Rosemount Nights Private 1923  
The Prince Appears Lindsay 1924  
Poobie and Other .. Porpoise 1925 Pamphlet
The Dragon Laughed Cape 1930  
Ben Johnson and King James Ditto 1931  
Mary Queen of Scots Davies 1933  
Robert the Bruce Ditto 1934  
The Devil's in the News Cape 1934  
The Lion and the Unicorn Kegan 1935  
The Northern Garrison HMSO 1941  
The Defence of Calais HMSO 1941  
The Cornerstones Macmillan 1941  
The man on My Back Ditto 1941 Autobiography
The Highland Division HMSO 1942  
The raft and Socrates Asks Why Macmillan 1942  
Crisis in Heaven Ditto 1944  
The Great Ship .. Ditto 1944  
The Wind on the Moon Ditto 1944 Children's
The Art of Adventure AUP 1946 Macmillan 1947
The Pirates in the Deep Green Sea Macmillan 1949 Juvenile
Two Comedies Ditto 1950  
The Campaign in Italy HMSO 1951  
Our Men in Korea Ditto 1952  
The Mortimer Touch French 1952  
A Year of Space Macmillan 1953  
The Ultimate Viking Ditto 1955  
Breakspear in Gascony Ditto 1958  
Karina with Love Ditto 1958 Young adult
Edinburgh Newnes 1960  
Gullers Sweden Almqvist 1964  
The Prince in the Heather Hodder 1965  
Orkney and Shetland Hale 1965  
The Conquest of England Stoughton 1966  
Notes for a Scottish Pantheon Oliver 1967  
The Survival of Scotland Heinemann 1968  
Scotland Hudson 1968 with Edwin Smith
The Secret Larder Macmillan 1969  
The Royal House of Scotland Ditto 1970  
The Music of the North Haddo 1970  
Fanfare for a Tin Hat Macmillan 1970 Autobiography
A Corpse on Clapham Common Ditto 1971  
The Voyage of the Challenger Murray 1972  
The Black Watch Barrie 1977 with Andro

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