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Elisabeth Beresford born 1926 wrote a huge number of books but remains best remembered for the Wombles series. Helped in no small part by the very successful television adaptation. They became a household name and consequently caught the attention of collectors. ( Elizabeth )
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Title   Date Notes
The Wombles Benn 1968  
The Wandering Wombles As Above 1970  
The Invisible Womble As Above 1973  
The Wombles in Danger As Above 1973  
The Wombles at Work As Above 1973  
The Wombles Go to the Seaside World 1974  
The Wombles Gift Book Benn 1975  
The Snow Womble As Above 1975  
Tomsk and the Tired Tree As Above 1975  
Wellington and the Blue Ballooon As Above 1975  
Orinoco Runs Away As Above 1975  
The Wombles make a Clean Sweep As Above 1975  
The Wombles to the Rescue As Above 1975  
The Macwombles Pipe Band As Above 1976  
Madame Cholet's Picnic Party As Above 1976  
Bungo Knows Best As Above 1976  
Tobermory's Big Surprise As Above 1976  
The Wombles Go Round the World As Above 1976  
The World of the Wombles World 1976  
Wombling Free Benn 1978  

Magic Series

Title   Date Notes
Awkward Magic Hart Davis 1964  
Travelling M' Ditto 1965  
Sea-Green M' Ditto 1968  
Vanishing Magic Ditto 1970  
Dangerous M' Ditto 1972  
Invisible M' Ditto 1974  
Secret M' Ditto 1978  
Curious M' Granada 1980  
Strange Magic Methuen 1986 British Library say
1st 1964 Hart Davis
but hold the Methuen version
I suspect this is a mistake in the book
Possibly meant to be Awkward Magic.
Also possible reissue of 1st book series ??

Other Children's Book

Title   Date Notes
The Television Mystery Parrish 1957  
The Flying Doctor Mystery Ditto 1958  
Trouble at Tullington Castle Ditto 1958  
Cocky and the Missing Castle Constable 1959  
Gappy Goes West Parrish 1959  
The Tullington Film Makers Ditto 1960  
Two Gold Dolphins Constable 1961  
Danger on the Old Pull n Push Parrish 1962  
Strange Hiding Place Ditto 1962  
Diana in Television Collins 1963  
The Missing Formula Mystery Parrish 1963  
The Mulberry Street Team Friday Press 1963  
The Flying Doctor to the Rescue Parrish 1964  
Holiday for Slippy Friday 1964  
Game Set and Match Parrish 1965  
Knights of the Cardboard Castle Methuen 1965  
The Hidden Mill Benn 1965  
Peter Climbs a Tree Ditto 1966  
Fashion Girl Collins 1967  
The Black Mountain Mystery Parrish 1967  
Looking for a Friend Benn 1967  
The Island Bus Methuen 1968  
David Goes Fishing Benn 1969  
Gordon's Go Kart Ditto 1970  
Stephen and the Shaggy Dog Methuen 1970  
The Secret Railway Ditto 1973  
Snuffle to the Rescue Kestrel 1975  
Toby's Luck Methuen 1978  
The Happy Ghost Ditto 1979  
The Treasure Hunters Ditto 1980  
The Four of Us Hutchinson 1981  
The Animals Nobody Wanted Methuen 1982  
The Tovers Ditto 1982  
The Adventures of Poon Hutchinson 1984  
The Mysterious Island Methuen 1984  
One of the Family Hutchinson 1985  
The Ghost of Lupus Street School Methuen 1986  
Emily and the Haunted Castle Hutchinson 1987  
Once Upon a Time Stories Ditto 1987  
The Secret Room Ditto 1987  
The Armada Adventure Ditto 1988  
The Island Railway Hamilton 1988  
Rose Hutchinson 1989  
The Wooden Gun Ditto 1989  
Charlie's Ark Methuen 1989  
Tim the Trumpet Blackie 1992  
Jamie and the Rolla Pola Bear Ditto 1993  
Lizzy's War Schuster 1993  


Title   Date Notes
Paradise Island Hale 1963  
Escape to Happiness Ditto 1964  
Roses Round the Door Ditto 1965  
Island of Shadows Ditto 1966  
Veronica Ditto 1967  
A Tropical Affair Ditto 1967  
Saturday's Child Hale 1968  
Love Remembered Ditto 1970  
Love and the SS Beatrice Ditto 1972  
Pandora Ditto 1974  
The Steadfast Lover Ditto 1980  
The Silver Chain Ditto 1980  
The Restless Heart Valueback 1982  
Flight to Happiness Hale 1983  
A Passionate Adventure Ditto 1983  

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