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Edith Wharton, born Edith Newbold Jones 24 January 1862, was born in New York to a wealthy family, before spending some years in Europe with her family. Her work is highly prized today, first edition books sell for considerable sums. All of the books were released first in America, English editions are duly noted as is the one alternative title. Anyone setting out to collect the true 1st issue books will have something of a task before them, not least financially. There are plenty of books on the market though, large American print runs have seen to that, English editions are notably rarer.
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Title   Date Notes
The Greater Inclination Scribner's 1899 UK: 1899 John Lane
The Touchstone Scribner's 1900 UK: 1900 Murray as Gift from the Grave
Crucial Instances Ditto 1901 UK: 1901 Murray
The Valley of Decision As Above 1902 UK: 1902 Murray, US 2 vols
Sanctuary As Above 1903 UK: 1903 Macmillan
The Descent of Man As Above 1904 UK: 1904 ditto
The House of Mirth As Above 1905 UK: 1905 ditto
Madame de Treymes As Above 1907 UK: 1907 ditto
The Fruit of the Tree As Above 1907 UK: 1907 ditto
The Hermit and the Wild Woman As Above 1908 UK: 1908 ditto
Les Metteurs en Scene Paris 1909 in French
Tales of Men and Ghosts Scribner's 1910 UK: 1910 Macmillan
Ethan Frome As Above 1911 UK: 1911 ditto
The Reef Appleton 1912 UK: 1912 ditto
The Custom of the Country Scribner's 1913 UK: 1913 ditto
Xingu As Above 1916 UK: 1916 ditto
Summer Appleton 1917 UK: 1917 Macmillan
The Marne As Above 1918 UK: 1918
The Age of Innocence As Above 1920 UK: 1920 as US
The Glimpses of the Moon As Above 1922 UK: 1922 ditto
A Son at the Front Scribner's 1923 UK: 1923 Macmillan
Old New York Appleton 1924 UK: 1924 as US
The Mother's Recompense As Above 1925 UK: 1925 as above
Here and Beyond As Above 1926 UK: 1926 as US
Twilight Sleep As Above 1927 UK: 1927 ditto
The Children As Above 1928 UK: 1928 ditto
Hudson River Bracketed As Above 1929 UK: 1929 ditto
Certain People As Above 1930 UK: 1930 ditto
The Gods Arrive As Above 1932 UK: 1932 ditto
Human Nature As Above 1933 UK: 1933 ditto
The World Over As Above 1936 UK: 1936 ditto
Ghosts As Above 1937 UK: 1937 ditto
The Buccaneers As Above 1938 UK: 1938 ditto


Title   Date Notes
Verses Hammett 1878 as Edith Newbold Jones
The Decoration of houses Scribner's 1897  
Italian Villas and their Gardens Century 1904 UK: 1904 John Lane
Italian Backgrounds Scribner's 1905 UK: 1905 Macmillan
Motor Flight Through France As Above 1908 UK: 1908 ditto
Artemis to Actaeon As Above 1909 UK: 1909 ditto
Fighting France As Above 1915 UK: 1915 ditto
French Ways and their Meaning Appleton 1919 UK: 1919 ditto
In Morocco Scribner's 1920 UK: 1920 ditto
The Writing of Fiction As Above 1925 UK: 1925 as US
Twelve Poems Medici 1926 130 signed copies
A Backward Glance Appleton 1934 UK: 1934 as US

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