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Edith Nesbit, born 19 August 1858 to 1924, is best known for her classic The Railway Children, also the subject of an ever-popular film adaptation. Her work is very collectable today, especially her key title which attracts a large price ticket when in original dust jacket. Please note that She also wrote some twenty-nine or so works of verse plus various other minor miscellaneous items. We have not yet included these in this bibliography.
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Title   Date Notes
The Prophet's Mantle 1885 Nesbit  
Grim Tales Innes 1893  
Something Wrong Innes 1893  
The Butler in Bohemia Drane 1894  
Doggy Tales Marcus 1895 Not dated
Tales of the Clock Raphael 1895  
In Homespun Lane 1896  
Tales Told in Twilight Nister 1897  
The Children's Shakespeare Tuck 1897  
Royal Children of English History Tuck 1897  
A Book of Dogs Dent 1898  
The Secret of the Kyriels Hurst 1899  
The Story of the Treasure Seekers Fisher 1899  
The Book of Dragons Harper 1901  
9 Unlikely Tales for Children Unwin 1901  
Thirteen Ways Home Treherne 1901  
The Wouldbegoods As Above 1901  
Five Children and It As Above 1902  
The Red House Methuen 1902  
The Revolt of the Toys Nister 1902 Undated
The Rainbow Queen Tuck 1903 Not dated
Playtime Stories Tuck 1903  
The Literary Sense Methuen 1903  
The Story of Five Rebellious Dolls Nister 1904  
Cat Tales Nister 1904  
The Phoenix and the Carpet Newnes 1904 Not dated
The New Treasure Seekers Fisher 1904  
Pug Peter King of Mouseland Cooke 1905 Not dated
Oswald Bastable and Others Wells 1905  
Man and Maid Unwin 1906  
The Incomplete Amorist Constable 1906  
The Railway Children Gardner 1906  
The Story of the Amulet Unwin 1906  
The Enchanted Castle As Above 1907  
The House of Arden As Above 1908  
The Old Nursery Stories Hodder 1908  
Harding's Luck Hodder 1909  
These Little Ones Allen 1909  
Salome and the Head Alston 1909  
Daphne in Fitzroy Street Allen 1909  
The Magic City Macmillan 1910  
Fear Stanley Paul 1910  
Dormant Methuen 1911  
The Wonderful Garden As Above 1911  
The Magic World As Above 1912  
Wet Magic Laurie 1913 Not dated
The House with No Address Newnes 1914 Undated
The Incredible Honeymoon Hutchinson 1921 Undated
The Lark Ditto 1922 Ditto
To the Adventurous Ditto 1923 Ditto
Five of Us and Madeline Fisher 1925  
Complete History of Bastable Family Benn 1928  

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