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Title   Date Notes
The Grass is Singing Joseph 1950 US: 1950 Crowel
This Was the Old Chiefs Country Michael 1951 US 1952 Crowel
Martha Quest Joseph 1952  
Five: Short Novels Ditto 1953  
A Proper Marriage ditto 1954  
Retreat to Innocence ditto 1956  
The Habit of Loving Kee 1955 US: 1958 Crowel
A Ripple from the Storm Joseph 1958  
The Golden Notebook Ditto 1962 US: 1962 Schuster
A Man and Two Women Kee 1963 US: 1963 Simon
African Stories Joseph 1964 US: 1965 ditto
Landlocked MacGibbon 1965  
The Black Madonna Panther 1966 Paperback
Winter in July Panther 1966 PBO
Nine African Stories Longman 1968  
The Four-Gated City Kee 1969 US: 1969 Knopf
Briefing for a Descent into Hell Cape 1971 US: 1971 ditto
The Story of a Non-Marrying Man Ditto 1972 US: as Temptation of Jack Orkney
The Summer Before the Dark Ditto 1973 US: 1973 as above
The Memoirs of a Survivor Octagon 1974 US: 1975 ditto
Re: Colonised Planet 5 Shikasta Cape 1979 US: 1979 Knopf
The Marriages Between Zones Three,
Four and Five
ditto 1980 US: 1980 Knopf
The Sirian Experiments ditto 1981 US: 1981 ditto
The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 Cape 1982 US: 1982 ditto
The Diary of a Good Neighbour ditto 1983 as Jane Somers
Document? Relating to the Sentimental
Agents in the Volym Empire
ditto 1983 US: 1983 ditto
If the Old Could ditto 1984 as Jane Somers
The Good Ter*o**t ditto 1985 US: 1985 Knopf
The Fifth Child ditto 1988 US: 1988 ditto
The Doris Lessing Reader Knopf 1988 UK: 1889 Cape
London Observed Harper 1992 US: as The Real Thing
Playing the Game Harper 1995 Graphic novel
Spies I Have Known Cascade 1995  
Love, Again Flamingo 1996 US: 1996 Collins
Mara and Dann, an Adventure Harper 1999 US: 1999 ditto
Ben, in the World Flamingo 2000 US: 2000 Harper
The Sweetest Dream Ditto 2001 US: 2002 ditto
The Grandmothers ditto 2003  

Non-Fiction & Others

Title   Date Notes
Going Home Joseph 1957 US: 1968 Ballantine
A Small Personal Voice Kee 1957 US: 1958 Dutton
Fourteen Poems Scorpion 1959 500 copies wraps
In Pursuit of the English, A Documentary Kee 1960 US as as Portrait of the English
Play with a Tiger Joseph 1962  
Particularly Cats ditto 1967 US: Schuster 1967
Prisons We Choose to Live Inside Cape 1987 US: 1987 Row
The Wind Blows Away Our Words Picador 1987 US: 1987 Vintage
African Laughter Harper 1992 US: 1992 Harper
Conversations Ontario 1994 UK: 1996 as Putting the Questions Differently
Under My Skin Collins 1994 US: 1994 Harper
Walking In the Shade ditto 1997 US: 1997 ditto
Problems, Myths and Stories IFCR 1999 Paperback original

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Doris Lessing, born 1919, remains and extremely popular writer with both readers and collectors. As can be seen she had an extensive output. The majority can be acquired for really quite reasonable prices in first edition state. English editions are rarer and more desirable than their American counterparts.
If you are looking to buy or sell rare books then our antiquarian booksellers section may be of some assistance.

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