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Dick King-Smith, really name Ronald Gordon King-Smith, was born 27 March 1922 in a small village near Bristol. He was, as can be seen form the bibliography, a hugely prolific children's author. Always popular he became more prominent after the very successful film Babe. This brought him to the attention of collectors. the early books do now carry a reasonable value, though not so high as to be prohibitive for the serious collector with a reasonable budget. We do intend to bring this, already huge list, up to date.
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Title   Date Notes
The Fox Busters Gollancz 1978 illus. Jon Miller
Daggie Dogfoot Ditto 1980  
The Mouse Butcher Ditto 1981  
Magnus Powdermouse Ditto 1982  
The Queen's Nose Ditto 1983  
The Sheep Pig Ditto 1983  
Harry's Mad Ditto 1984  
Saddlebottom Ditto 1985  
Lightning Fred Heinemann 1985  
Yob Ditto 1986  
H Prince Walker 1986  
Farmer Bungle Forgets Ditto 1986  
ESP Eric Stanley Pigeon Deutsch 1986  
Noah's Brother Gollancz 1986  
Dumpling Hamilton 1986  
The Hodgeheg Ditto 1987  
Friends and Brothers Heinemann 1987  
Cuckoobush Farm Orchard 1987  
George Speaks Kestrel 1988  
Martin's Mice Gollancz 1988  
The Jenius Ditto 1988  
Emily's Legs Macdonald 1988  
Dodo Comes to Tumbledown Farm Heinemann 1988  
Sophie's Snail Walker 1988  
The Toby Man Gollancz 1989  
Alice and Flower and Foxianna Heinemann 1989 Paperback original
Beware of the Bull Ditto 1989 Ditto
Henry Pond the Poet Hodder 1989  
The Trouble with Edward Stoughton 1989  
Dodos are Forever Viking 1989  
Blessu Hamilton 1990  
Ace the Very Important Pig Gollancz 1990  
The Jolly Witch Schuster 1990  
Paddy's Pot of Gold Viking 1990  
The Waterhorse Ditto 1990  
Alphabeasts Gollancz 1990  
The Whistling Piglet Walker 1990  
Jungle Jingles Doubleday 1990  
The Cuckoo Child Viking 1991  
Sophie's Tom Walker 1991  
The Guard Dog Doubleday 1991  
Lightning Strikes Twice Mammoth 1991 Wrappers
Caruso's Cool Cats BBC 1991 Wraps
Sophie Hits a Six Walker 1991  
Horace and Maurice Doubleday 1991  
Find the White Horse Viking 1991  
Triffic Pig Book Gollancz 1991  
Blessu and Dumpling Puffin 1992 Softcover
Farm Tales Mammoth 1992 Paperback
Lady Daisy Viking 1992  
Pretty Polly Viking 1992  
The Ghost at Codlin Castle Ditto 1992  
The Finger Eater Walker 1992  
Super Triffic Pigs Gollancz 1992 Wraps
Topsy Tury Storybook Ditto 1992  
Uncle Bumpo Deutsch 1993  
The Swoose Viking 1993  
The Invisible Dog Ditto 1993  
Horse Pie Doubleday 1993  
Dragon Boy Viking 1993  
A Narrow Squeak Ditto 1993  
The Merrythought Ditto 1993  
Sophie in the Saddle Walker 1993  
Your Favourite Farm Stories Dean 1993  
The Schoolmouse Viking 1994  
Connie and Rollo Doubleday 1994  
Harriet's Hare Ditto 1994  
Mr Potter's Pet Viking 1994  
The Excitement of Being Ernest Simon 1994  
Sophie is Seven Walker 1994  
Animal Parade Mammoth 1994 Paperback
Bobby the Bad Scholastic 1994 Ditto
Warlock Watson Ditto 1995 Ditto
King Max the Last Hamilton 1995  
Sophie's Lucky Walker 1995  
All Because of Jackson Doubleday 1995  
The Terrible Trins Viking 1995  
Philbert the First Ditto 1995  
Omnibombulator Doubleday 1995  
Happy Mouseday Ditto 1995  
Clever Duck Viking 1996  
Dirty Gerte Mackintosh Doubleday 1996  


Title   Date Notes
Pets for Keeps Puffin 1986 Paperback original
Country Watch Ditto 1987 Ditto
Town Watch Ditto 1987 Ditto
Water Watch Ditto 1988 Ditto
All Pigs are Beautiful Walker 1993  
I Love Guinea Pigs Ditto 1994  

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