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Dennis Wheatley, born London 8th January 1897 and died 1977, was one of Britian's most popular authors and a huge international bestseller, with worldwide sales approaching 50 million copies. Wheatley served in the first World War but was invalided out after being gassed on the Western Front in 1919. He returned to the family business which eventually ran into financial difficulties. This lead him to concentrate on writing. Today, Denis Wheatly is a highly collectable author. Later titles are fairly easy to locate in first edition state, due to large print runs, therefore the collector should only really consider nice clean copies in original dust jackets. Collecting the early titles in wrappers is much more difficult however. They are, generally, rare books and consequently expensive and not easy to locate. Collectors should also note that there is a considerable difference in value between sealed and unsealed crime dossiers.
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Duke de Richleau

Title   Date Notes
The Forbidden Territory Hutchinson 1933 not dated
The Devil Rides Out Hutchinson 1934 nd
The Golden Spaniard Hutchinson 1938 nd
Three Inquisitive People Hutchinson 1940 nd
Strange Conflict Hutchinson 1941 nd
Codeword Golden Fleece Hutchinson 1946 nd
The Second Seal Hutchinson 1950  
The Prisoner in the Mask Hutchinson 1957  
Vendetta in Spain Hutchinson 1961  
Dangerous Inheritance Hutchinson 1965  
Gateway to Hell Hutchinson 1970  

Gregory Sallust

Title   Date Notes
Black August Hutchinson 1934 not dated
Contraband Hutchinson 1936 nd
The Scarlet Impostor Hutchinson 1940 nd
Faked Passports Hutchinson 1940 nd
The Black Baroness Hutchinson 1940 nd
V for Vengeance Hutchinson 1942 nd
Come into My Parlour Hutchinson 1946 nd
The Island Where Time Stands Still Hutchinson 1954  
Traitor's Gate Hutchinson 1958  
They Used Dark Forces Hutchinson 1964  
The White Witch of the South Seas Hutchinson 1968  

Julian Day

Title   Date Notes
The Quest of Julian Day Hutchinson 1939 not dated
The Sword of Fate Hutchinson 1941 nd
The Bill for the Use of a Body Hutchinson 1964  

Roger Brook

Title   Date Notes
The Launching of Roger Brook Hutchinson 1947 not dated
The Shadow of Tyburn Tree Hutchinson 1948 nd
The Rising Storm Hutchinson 1949 nd
The Man Who Killed the King Hutchinson 1951  
The Dark Secret of Josephine Hutchinson 1955  
The Rape of Venice Hutchinson 1959  
The Sultan's Daughter Hutchinson 1963  
The Wanton Princess Hutchinson 1966  
Evil in a Mask Hutchinson 1969  
The Ravishing of Lady Mary Ware Hutchinson 1971  
Desperate Measures Hutchinson 1974  

Non Series Fiction

Title   Date Notes
Such Power is Dangerous Hutchinson 1933 not dated
The Fabulous Valley Hutchinson 1934 nd
The Eunuch of Stamboul Hutchinson 1935 nd
They Found Atlantis Hutchinson 1936 nd
The Secret War Hutchinson 1937 nd
Uncharted Seas Hutchinson 1938 nd
Sixty Days to Live Hutchinson 1939 nd
Mediterranean Nights Hutchinson 1942 nd
Gunmen Gallants and Ghosts Hutchinson 1943 nd
The Man Who Missed the War Hutchinson 1945 nd
The Haunting of Toby Jug Hutchinson 1948 nd
Star of Ill Omen Hutchinson 1952  
To the Devil a Daughter Hutchinson 1953  
Curtain of Fear Hutchinson 1953  
The Ka of Gifford Hillary Hutchinson 1956  
The Satanists Hutchinson 1960  
Mayhem in Greece Hutchinson 1962  
Unholy Crusade Hutchinson 1967  
The Strange Story of Linda Lee Hutchinson 1972  
The Irish Witch Hutchinson 1973  
The Deception Planners Hutchinson 1980  

Non Fiction

Title   Date Notes
Old Rowley  A Private Life of Charles II Hutchinson 1933  
Red Eagle A Life of Marshal Voroshilov Hutchinson 1937  
Total War Hutchinson 1942 not dated, softcover
The Seven Ages of Justerini's Riddle 1949 no dw
Stranger than Fiction Hutchinson 1959  
Saturdays with Bricks Hutchinson 1961  
The Devil and All His Works Hutchinson 1971  

Crime Dossiers

Title   Date Notes
Murder off Miami Hutchinson 1936 not dated
Who Killed Robert Prentice ? Hutchinson 1937 not dated
The Malinsay Massacre Hutchinson 1938 not dated
Herewith the Clues Hutchinson 1939 not dated

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