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Dean Koontz was born in 1945 and became one of the world's most successful horror writers, his sales to date exceed 100 million copies. His bibliography is both volumous and complex, we have ordered it by first publication. Usually the US precedes, the UK edition is listed first in the exceptions. To further complicate things, in the UK Headline reissued a lot of the titles in hardcover. Some of these are genuine UK hardback firsts, some first thus, generally speaking they are collectable in their own right. If this was not enough, Headline first were also reissued some years later using the same plates, so the 10-1 printers key and printing dates remained the same. The difference is the price on jacket and the printer.
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Title   Date Notes
Star Quest Ace 1968 US wraps
The Fall of the Dream Machine Ace 1969 US wraps
Fear that Man Ace 1969 US wraps
Anti-man Paperback Library 1970 US wraps
Beastchild Lancer 1970 US wraps
Dark of the Woods Ace 1970 US wraps
The Dark Symphony Lancer 1970 US wraps
Hell's Gate Lancer 1970 US wraps
The Crimson Watch Curtis 1971 US wraps
A Darkness in My Soul Daw 1972 US wraps. UK 1979 Dobson
The Flesh in the Furnace Bantam 1972 US wraps
Starblood Lancer 1972 US wraps
Time Thieves Ace 1972 US wraps. UK 1977 Dobson
Warlock Lancer 1972 US wraps
Writing Popular Fiction Writer's Digest 1973 US
A Werewolf Among Us Ballantine 1973 US wraps
The Haunted Earth Lancer 1973 US wraps
Hanging On Evans 1973 UK: 1974 Jenkins
Demon Seed Bantam 1973 wraps. UK: 1977 Corgi p/b
After the Last Race Athenaeum 1974 US
Nightmare Journey Putnam 1975 US
Night Chills Athenaeum 1976 UK: 1977 Allen
The Vision Putnam 1977 UK: 1988 Allen
Whispers Putnam 1980 UK: 1981 Allen
How to Write Best-Selling Fiction Writers Digest 1981 US
Phantoms Putnam 1983 UK: 1983 Allen
Darkness Comes WH Allen 1984 US: 1984 as Darkfall
Twilight Eyes LOE 1985 UK: 1987 Allen
Strangers Putnam 1986 UK: 1987 Allen
Watchers Putnam 1987 UK: 1987 Headline
Lightning Putnam 1987 UK: 1988 Headline
Oddkins Warner 1988 UK: 1988 Headline
Midnight Putnam 1989 UK: 1989 Headline
Bad Place Putnam 1990 UK: 1990 Headline
Cold Fire Putnam 1991 UK: 1991 Headline
Hideaway Putnam 1992 UK: 1992 Headline
Dragon Tears Putnam 1993 UK: 1993 Headline
Mr Murder Headline 1993 US: 1993 Putnam
Winter Moon Headline 1994 US: 1994 Ballantine, wraps
Dark Rivers of the Heart Knopf 1994 US signed limited also done. UK 1994 Headline
Icebound Headline 1995  
Strange Highways Warner 1995 UK: 1995 Headline
Intensity Knopf 1995 UK: 1995 Headline
Ticktock Headline 1996 US: 1996 Ballantine, wraps
Sole Survivor Knopf 1997 UK: 1997 Headline
Fear Nothing Headline 1997 US: 1998 Bantam. US sgn ltd done by CD in 1997
Seize the Night Headline 1998 US: 1999 Bantam. US sgn ltd done by CD in 1998
False Memory Headline 1999 US: 2000 Bantam. US sgn ltd done by CD in 1999
From the Corner of His Eye Headline 2001 US: 2001 Bantam, US signed limited also done

Dean Koontz as David Axton

Title   Date Notes
Prison of Ice Lippincott 1976 UK: 1977 Allen

as Brian Coffey

Title   Date Notes
Blood Risk Merrill 1973 UK: 1974 Barker
Surrounded Merrill 1974 UK: 1975 Barker
The Wall of Masks Merrill 1975  
The Face of Fear Merrill 1977 UK: 1978 Davies, as KR Dwyer
The Voice of the Night Doubleday 1980 UK: 1981 Hale

as Deanna Dwyer

Title   Date Notes
The Demon Child Lancer 1971 US wraps
Legacy of Terror Lancer 1971 US wraps
Children of the Storm Lancer 1972 US wraps
The Dark of Summer Lancer 1972 US wraps
Dance with the Devil Lancer 1972 US wraps

as KR Dwyer

Title   Date Notes
Chase Random 1972 UK: 1974 Barker
Shattered Random 1972 UK: 1974 Barker
Dragonfly Random 1975 UK: 1977 Davies

as Leigh Nichols

Title   Date Notes
The Key to Midnight Pocket 1979 US wraps
The Eyes of Darkness Pocket 1981 US wraps, UK: 1981 Piatkus
The House of Thunder Pocket 1982 US wraps. UK: Fontana p/b
Twilight Pocket 1984 US wraps. UK: The Servants of Twilight 1985 Fontana p/b
The Door to December NAL 1985 US wraps, as Richard Paige. UK 1987 Fontana p/b
Shadowfires Pocket 1987 US wraps. UK 1987 Collins

as Anthony North

Title   Date Notes
Strike Deep Dial 1975 US

as Owen West

Title   Date Notes
The Funhouse Jove 1980 US wraps, UK: 1981 Sphere p/b
The Mask Jove 1980 US wraps. UK: 1983 Coronet 1983 p/b

as Aaron Wolfe

Title   Date Notes
Invasion Laser 1975 US wraps

as John Hill

Title   Date Notes
The Long Sleep Popular 1975 US wraps

with Gerda Koontz

Title   Date Notes
Bounce Girl Cosmo 1970 US
The Underground Lifestyles Handbook Aware 1970 US
The Pig Society Aware 1970 US

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