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This is a brief guide and overview on the history and development of cookery books for the collector and enthusiast.

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IInterest in collecting classic works in the cookery genre has grown steadily over the years. Whilst the vast majority are not considered especially rare or valuable, some are highly sought after. Collectors with a view to the future could consider buying the lavish publications published by today's leading chefs. Whilst not particularly rare now, given the usage and consideration they tend to receive, fine copies may well become scarce in years to come.

Perhaps the best known book  is Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, first published in 1861. The book has been updated and reprinted countless times but early and interesting edition remain sought after, as, obviously, is the first edition.
Early manuscripts and original recipes books from the 17th and 18th century are also highly coveted by collectors, and whilst rare are not necessarily as valuable as one might think.

Bringing us to the 20th century, Elizabeth David produced the books most sought after by collectors, her book on French Cooking is widely regarded as a classic of its time.

Recommended Reading - Bibliography
Noble - The Boke of Cokery - 1500
Hannah Glasse - The Art of Cookery Made Plain - 1747
Susannah Carter - The Frugal Housewife - 1790
Elizabeth Raffald - The Experienced Housekeeper - 1769
Eliza Acton - Modern Cookery for Private Families - 1845
Mrs Beeton - 1861
Elizabeth David- Several titles
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Gordon Ramsay
Heston Blumenthal

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