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Conrad Aiken, born 1889 - 1973, was an American born poet and novelist who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1930. He also wrote novels, and whilst good, are not quite as highly regarded as his verse. As can be seen from the bibliography most of his work was not issued in Britain, although one or two books have English precedence, these, along with alternative titles, have been duly noted.

All of the books listed are of collectable interest and value, that said none fetch huge sums and a committed collector with a reasonable budget should be able to put together an impressive collection of the authors first editions.
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Title   Date Notes
Earth Triumphant and Other Tales Macmillan 1914  
Turns and Movies Mifflin 1916 UK: 1916 Constable
The Jig of Forslin A Symphony Four Seas 1916  
Nocturne of Remembered Spring Ditto 1917  
The Charnel Rose Senlin Ditto 1918 UK: 1925 Hogarth as Senlin a Biography
The House of Dust Ditto 1920  
Punch the Immortal Liar Knopf 1921 UK: 1921 Secker
Priapus and the Pool Dunster 1922  
The Pilgrimage of Festus Knopf 1923  
Prelude Random 1929 Wraps, 475 copies
Selected Poems Scribner's 1929 Also 210 signed in slip case
John Deth a Metaphysical Legend Ditto 1930  
Gehenna Random 1930 Wraps 875 copies
The Coming Forth by Day of Osiris Jones Scribner's 1931  
Preludes for Memnon Ditto 1931  
Landscape West of Eden Dent 1934 US: 1935 Scribner's
Time in the Rock Scribner's 1936  
And in the Human Heart Duell 1942  
Brownstone Eclogues Sloan 1942  
The Soldier Directions 1944  
The Kid Pearce 1947 UK: 1947 Lehmann
The Divine Pilgrim UOGP 1949  
Skylight one OUP 1949 UK: 1951 Lehmann
A Letter from Li Po OUP 1955  
Sheepfold Hill Sagamore 1958  
The morning Song of Lord Zero OUP 1963  
A Seizure of Limericks Holt 1964 UK: 1965 Allen
Thee Braziller 1967 Signed limiteds as well
The Clerk's Journal Eakins 1971 Signed limited also

Novels & Others

Title   Date Notes
Scepticisms Knopf 1919  
Bring Bring Secker 1925 US: 1925 Boni
Blue Voyage Howe 1927 US: 1927 Scribner's
Costumes By Eros Scribner's 1928  
Great Circle Scribner's 1933 UK: 1933 Wishart
Among the lost People Ditto 1934  
King Coffin Ditto 1935 UK: 1935 Dent
A Heart for the Gods of Mexico Secker 1939  
Conversation or a Pilgrim's Progress Duell 1940 UK: 1940 Rodney
Ushant An Essay Sloan 1952 UK: 1963 Allen
Mr Arcularis Harvard 1953  
A Reviewer's ABC Meridian 1958  
Collected Criticism of Conrad Aiken Allen 1961  
Three Novels Allen 1965  
Cats and Bats and Things with Wings Atheneum 1965  
A Little Who's Zoo of Mild Animals Ditto 1977 UK: 1977 Cape
Selected Letters Yale 1978  

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