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Brian Aldiss, born 1925, is an important and influential author in his genre. Also, as can be seen from this bibliography he is also extremely prolific. As well as all the books listed there are also a large number of short stories published in various magazines and anthologies. He is a collectable author with a few of the titles fetching good money. The rest are all very reasonably priced, especially given the stature of the author. A full set would be a great thing to see though anyone embarking on the task of putting together a full set of first editions certainly have a task in front of them.
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Title   Date Notes
The Brightfount Diaries Faber 1955  
Space Time and Nathaniel Faber 1957 US: 59 Signet as No Time Like Tomorrow
Non-Stop As Above 1958 1st has red boards.
US: 1959 Criterion as Starship
The Canopy of Time Ditto 1960 US: Galaxies Like Grains
Vanguard from Alpha Ace 1959 Paperback double with Kenneth Bulmer
Bow Down to Nul As Above 1960 with Manly Wade Wellman
The Male Response Galaxy 1961 Wraps. UK: 1963 Dobson
The Primal Urge Ballantine 1961 UK: 1967 Sphere. Both wraps
The Long Afternoon of Earth Signet 1962 UK: 1962 Faber as Hothouse, full text
Airs of Earth Faber 1963 US: 1964 as Starswarm, wraps
The Dark Light Years Faber 1964 US: 1964 Signet, wraps
Greybeard Harcourt 1964 UK: 1964 Faber
Earthworks Faber 1965 US: 1966 Doubleday
Best Science Fiction Stories Ditto 1965 US: 1966 Harcourt as Who Can Replace a Man
The Saliva Tree Ditto 1966 US: 1987 Gregg Press, no DW
An Age As Above 1967 US: 1968 Doubleday as Cryptozoic
Report on Probability As Above 1968 US: 1969 Doubleday
Barefoot in the Head As Above 1969 US: 1970 as above
Intangibles Ditto 1969 US: 1970 Avon as Neanderthal Planet
The Moment of Eclipse Ditto 1970 US: 1972 Doubleday
The Hand Reared Boy Nicolson 1970 US: 1970 McCall
A Soldier Erect Weidenfeld 1971 US: 1971 McCann
The Book of Brian Aldiss DAW 1972  
Frankenstein Unbound Cape 1973 US: 1974 Random. ND
The Eighty-Minute Hour Doubleday 1974 UK: 1974 Cape
The Malacia Tapestry Cape 1976 US: [1977] Harper
Last Orders Ditto 1977 US: 1989 Graf
Brothers of the Head Pierrot 1977 Wraps
Enemies of the System Cape 1978 US: 1978 Harper
A Rude Awakening Weidenfeld 1978 US: 1979 Random
New Arrival Old Encounters Cape 1979 US: 1979 Harper
Life in the West Nicolson 1980 US: 1990 Graf
A Romance of the Equator Birmingham 1980 Wraps
Moreau's Other Island Cape 1980 US: 1981 Simon
Foreign Bodies Chopmen 1981  
Helliconia Spring Cape 1982 US: 1982 Atheneum
Helliconia Summer As Above 1983 US: 1983 ditto
Seasons in Flight Ditto 1984 US: 1986 Atheneum
Helliconia Winter Atheneum 1985 UK: 1985 Cape
My Country Tis Not Only Thee AAS 1986 100 copies
The Magic of the Past Kerosina 1987 Limited edition
Science Fiction Blues Avernus 1987  
Ruins Hutchinson 1987  
This Year Before Yesterday Watts 1987 Also as Cracken at Critical
Forgotten Life Gollancz 1988 US: 1989 Atheneum
A Romance of the Equator Ditto 1989 US: 1990 as above
Bodily Fuctions Avernus 1991 100 copies
Journey's of the Goat Star Pulphouse 1991 Wrappers
Dracula Unbound Harper 1991 UK: 1991 Grafton
Remembrance Day As Above 1992  
A Tupolev Too Far Collins 1993 US: 1994 St Martin's
The Secret of This Book Ditto 1995 US: 96 ditto. as Common Clay
White Mars Brown 1999 US: 1999 St Martin's
Teh Rain Wil Stop pretentious 2000  
A Chinese Perspective Goddard 2000 300 copies, wraps
Supertoys Last All Summer Orbit 2001 Softcover
Super State Orbit 2002  
The Cretan Teat Stratus 2002  

Non-Fiction & Miscellaneous

Title   Date Notes
Cities and Stones Faber 1966  
The Shape of Further Things   1970 US: 1971 Doubleday
Billion Year Spree Nicolson 1973 US: 1973 as above
Science Fiction Art NEL 1975 US: 1975 Bounty
Summer 1773 Bellvue 1976 A postcard only
This World and Nearer Ones Weidenfeld 1979 US: 1981 Kent, wraps
Pile Petals .. Cape 1979 US: 1980 Rinehart
The Life of Samuel Johnson OPP 1980 60 signed copies
Farewell to a Child Priapus 1982  
Science Fiction Quiz Weidenfeld 1983 Laminated boards
The Pale Shadow of Science Serconia 1985  
Trillion Year Spree Gollancz 1986 US: 1986 Atheneum
And the Lurid Glare of Comet Serconia 1986  
Sex and the Black Machine Avernus 1988 Softcover
Bury My Heart at WH Smith Hodder 1990 Avernus sgn ltd also
Home Life with Cats Grafton 1992 No DW laminated boards
Kindred Blood at Kensington Gore Avernus 1992 Wrappers
The Detached Retina LSF 1994  
At the Caligula Hotel Sinclair 1995 Wrappers
Songs from the Steppes Private 1995  
The Twinkling of an Eye Brown 1998 US: 1999 St Martin's
When the Feast is Finished Little Brown 1999  
Art After Apogee Avernus 2000 Limited edition
A Plutonium Monologue Frogmore 2000 Signed limited, wraps
At a Bigger House Avernus 2002 20 copies only

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